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TINI - "Cupido" (Feb 14 + Album Feb 17)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. I love her. She just mentioned she loves Camila Bello.

  2. Her latest music video.
  3. The song is great. I wonder how do her young fans feel about her going full on reggaetón? There's nothing remotely "Disney" about this track. It's very Sebastián Yatra/Maluma, etc.
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  4. I like it, but I expected another music direction for her. She is going the Becky G way...
  5. What is she doing with her career? I have no clue who she is as an artist anymore...

  6. ?

    @rubirub TINI's identity has been basic bops since the very beginning and that's what she's delivering.
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  7. She is releasing her new album this month.
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  8. Lets hope its good. Im kinda worried because there was a song playing on a perfume ad that was terrible, and will most likely make the cut
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  9. I hope she releases an English version of the album!
  10. Another bop.

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  11. This song is a major bop. I hope it can be the hit she deserves!
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  12. This is such a scream, but I'm bopping.
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  13. Everything about this is genius. Will be bigger than any 'Quiero Volver' single for sure. Im genuinely proud of her, she seems to be finding a sound for herself now. Also her performing abilities are getting better. 'Princesa' live at the Luna Park is among the best i've seen a latin pop girl do in ages!

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  14. Yeah, it sounds like an instant smash. Cumbia suits her much better than I would've ever imagined ddd 2019 is wild.
  15. I'm kinda disappointed, since every latin artist makes this type of music... I was hoping she will work with American music producers and try something more international.

    Anyway, the song is catchy and I can see myself dancing to it this summer.

  16. The One Dance plagiarism is strong but this is a hit, could be her biggest song yet.
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  17. The song is looking promising, but i kinda dont see it outdoing 22. That was an EVENT. Here for it tho!
  18. It's already higher on Spotify Argentina than 22 was ever before. It's sitting at #4 , 22 never passed #7. This song is catchy as hell, maybe 22 is more in line with the sound from here (cumbia) but this will be bigger on the long run, we'll see.
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  19. I know. On Spotify its looking very promising. But on Youtube it is already below 22. Maybe it'll pick up alongside airplay, but so far it looks like it wont be as big. It should easily be bigger than anything on Quiero Volver tho!
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