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TINI - "Cupido" (Feb 14 + Album Feb 17)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. This is another smash, it's going to be big. She does it so efortless, our best popstar.
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  2. This is surpassing every expectation i had already. It had like 50K more likes on Youtube in 6 hours than Oye did in 12, and that is her biggest video. This will smash hard!
  3. Well it already has 300k likes. Big.

    It's the most viewed argentinian video in the first six hours ever.
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  4. Okay, i simply have NO words to say about this. Incredible!
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  5. Some news about this upcoming era.

    -The album title is already chosen
    -We'll get 2 or 3 more songs before it drops (it will drop this year)
    -She will be featured in some remix that should drop soon
    -Her next single will be a ballad with an artist she has always admired (heavily rumored to be Alejandro Sanz)
    -She has a trap/tango fusion song ft. another Argentinian artist on the album
    -Lalo Ebratt has hinted at the possibility of a 2nd song with TINI being in the works
    -TINI said Cami, Greeicy and her will be recording a song together
    -She also confirmed her Disney+ show co-starring Sebastian Yatra was not scrapped, at least not yet, and will likely start filming as soon as they're allowed to. It will be a musical series so it'll have lots of original songs.
    -The Movistar Arena show, which was meant to be the closure for the Quiero Volver Tour, will now serve as an hybrid "album release party" show rather than just one last Quiero Volver show.

    A few additional details worth noting:

    -She filmed a movie directed by Jackie Chan like over a year ago, that should come out some time

    -She auditioned for a Steven Spielberg movie. She managed to get through all stages of the casting over the course of a year and was one of the top 3 choices, but they ended up picking someone else. It was still an amazing experience for her and Steven Spielberg himself sent her a letter after that!
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  6. High is already a big hit in Argentina. Remix with Tini is out tomorrow.

  7. The song is such a bop. Tini killed it too.
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  8. It's smashing too. Looks like it will do better than Ella Dice on Youtube which is, surprising to say the least. Get those streams girls!
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  9. Well yes but High was one of the songs of the summer this year in Argentina. The hype is big.

  10. Featuring John C, well known for his hit "C90".
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  11. Im excited for this. Could be huge or a hot mess. Perched either way. She probably has the most momentum and overall public attention a female has ever had in this country!
  12. Its out now. I dont think it will be as big as the previous singles from the album, but its a grower
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  14. I can’t wait, Alejandro one of the best singers of all time.
  15. Updated the OP with the new album. Now she said she'll start recording her 2021 songs soon. We know Ovy On The Drums wants a 2nd collab with her, that she's working with Bizarrap, that she has a song with Lola Indigo + another female scheduled for release, and that she's working on a song with CAMI
  16. New single "Mienteme" coming out this thursday. It's a collab with María Becerra.
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  17. This new single will be her first one distributed by Sony Music Latin. Before, it was UMG Latin handling her releases there. Its now being debated if this means she left Hollywood Records, or if the latter just changed their distributor overseas!
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  18. Lead single from her 4th album out now!
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  19. Another BOP, RKT is huge right now.
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