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TINI - "Cupido" (Feb 14 + Album Feb 17)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. This is a smash. 2021 is serving imperial phase. Even her Lola Indigo and Belinda collab is racing towards 100M views on Youtube!
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  3. Song of the summer?
  4. I didnt really feel it. Felt kinda unlistenable even. But i was very wrong about Fresa so hopefully this is a smash that i dont see coming
  5. Debuts at #1 on Argentina Spotify.
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  6. Well, i was very wrong indeed
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  7. New single. It appeared to be flopping first day but its #1 on AM Argentina and Top 10 on Spotify now. Outpeaked Maldita Foto

  8. Debuts at #5 on Spotify Argentina.

    Apparently, the next single is with Christina Aguilera.
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  9. This is a major bop. And by the looks of it, her first solo smash
  10. Well, she truly continues to repeak just when you think she cannot possibly get bigger. La Triple T continues its residency at #1 in Argentina, Carne Y Hueso is doing great for a solo ballad, and she just sold out a 6th date at Hipodromo de Palermo (which means more than 100K tickets sold just in Buenos Aires).
  11. But she could have been huge worldwide and she won't.

    I wished she kept working with the US producers of her first album instead of taking the reggeton route.
  12. I think its not too late for that. She just needs to recapture Europe, because LatAm is getting there.

    She booked a stadium in Uruguay at reduced capacity, and had to extend it due to insane demand. She'll be playing to more than 40K there.

    She also booked Wizink Center in Madrid at reduced capacity, tickets go on sale tomorrow. If it does well, they might extend it too

    And apparently she'll be going back to Cordoba for a stadium show, and might close the tour with another stadium in Buenos Aires
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  13. It's not reggaeton what she is doing, the genre is RKT and it was born in Argentina, it has elements of reggaeton and cumbia.

    They made an excellent choice focusing on Argentina, the urban scene is bigger than ever here, it would be more risky to focus on the rest of the world.
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  14. "La Loto" - TINI x Becky G x Anitta coming soon.

    We knew about this for a while, but we didnt know for whose album it was gonna be, but it's gonna be for TINI's 4th album.

    We have like half the album out by now i think:

    Mienteme (1st single)
    Maldita Foto (2nd single)
    Bar (3rd single)
    Fantasi (4th single)
    La Triple T (5th single)
    Carne y Hueso (promotional single)
    Aqui Estoy (might not be part of the album)
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