TINI - Cupido

The touring stats she's pulling this time are insane. Even in countries where she only had like 1 hit she's shifting tickets in a way that people with more hit singles simply can't!
The "Sueltame" video is finally out

The latest news is that she's filming a video with Tiago PZK, its still unknown who's gonna be the lead act but its the first of "many upcoming collaborations" with Argentinian music acts.

There is also the Ozuna collab that could be dropping anytime!

Last collab on the album with La Joaqui incoming. The rest will be solo songs according to TINI herself. She said itll drop in a date special to her, rumored to be her birthday in March.

Tracklist so far includes:
-Mienteme (with Maria Becerra)
-Maldita Foto (with Manuel Turizo)
-Bar (with L Gante)
-Fantasi (with Beele)
-La Triple T
-Carne Y Hueso
-La Loto (with Anitta and Becky G)
-El Ultimo Beso (with Tiago PZK)
-TBA (with La Joaqui)
Does anyone know why they kept fucking with the release date? Apple Music had the 19th but suddenly changed it to the 17th on Friday.