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Tinie Tempah feat. 2 Chainz - Trampoline

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vignesh, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. [video=youtube;zUZ1LFyEq1w]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUZ1LFyEq1w[/video]

    Trampoline feat. 2 Chainz... Out soon.
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  2. RJF


    Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    I expect this thread to drop like a stone, but as far I'm concerned, it's about time he had new material out. The first album is mostly brilliant, and "Pass Out" and "Frisky" are still knockouts.
  3. Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    I need another Frisky from him.
  4. Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    There were so many fantastic songs on his first album... Pass Out, Frisky, Invincible, Wonderman, Miami 2 Ibiza, Written In the Stars.

    The smashes just kept coming. I'm expecting big things from this.
  5. Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    I'm expecting big things too. I'm also expecting the amazing Labrinth to feature as well.
  6. Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    I am excited. The album had its faults but the singles run ('Invincible' aside) was largely brilliant. People seem unable to see beyond Tinie's one-dimensional lyricism and "easy rhymes" but it feels as if once you take his verses for what they are, you can appreciate the songs themselves for being stone-cold "jams" with a clear purpose that they fulfill wholly.
  7. Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline


    Let's just hope it doesn't follow in the footsteps of 'Elephant' - 2012's oddly entitled single of the year.
  8. Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    FINALLY. He better make up for his horrific verses on Rita's 'RIP' and Ellie's 'Hanging On'. Loved his debut.
  9. Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    Amazing title. Looking forward to hearing this!
  10. LJB


    Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    As a trampolinist, this is going to be my theme tune.
  11. Re: Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

    This is absolutely incredible, well worth the wait!
  12. Updated with the official lyric video... Which kinda already looks like an official music video.
  13. Can't beat a good bit of geography name-checking, can you?

  14. I like it! It'll be big!
  15. Of course it does.

    Amazing though. Yanking follicles and rearranging edges.
  16. The production on this is pretty fucking fantastic. Well done, Diplo.
  17. Anne Frankly and the Yakko's World ending though...
  18. Absolutely brilliant. The production is appropriately bouncy and strike a great balance between fun and filthy.
  19. I am sat here frothing at the mouth, slayed.
    Hope Diplo pulls out something like this for BritBrit.
    As a Hip-Pop lover, 2013 is shaping up to be amazing.
  20. Diplo can do no wrong. Not overly keen on the lyrics though
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