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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by selectual, May 1, 2014.

  1. It's time for Tink to get a thread here. She's a Chicago-based rapper/singer. She seems to equally pursue R&B and rap. She's kinda like a Nicki/Tinashe hybrid.

    Her two most recent songs are both nearly flawless. The first is a duet with Kelela called "Want It" that's part of the Yours Truly/adidas #songsfromscratch series. Listen here.

    'Want It' is an R&B duet over a sparse beat from DJ Dahi, producer of Drake's "Worst Behavior." Tink sings and raps on the song. The two ladies' voices really work well together to make a sensual duet that definitely evokes Aaliyah vibes.

    Tink's other newer song is a collaboration with Jeremih entitled, "Don't Tell Nobody."Jeremih sings the hook while Tink raps the verses. Da Internz, the guys behind Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" and Cassie's "Paradise", produced the song. Listen here.

    She's got about 4 mixtapes out, too. Definitely check out her most recent one, Winter's Diary 2. It's full of sweet r&b songs, but it also showcases her just-as-good rapping abilities on a few of the tracks.

    Oh yeah, and she's only 18. Amazing.
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  2. Tink is the future! Thanks for starting the thread.

    Timbaland said she's his next "big project" or something.
  3. I love Tink! I've been playing Winters Diary 2 for the last two weeks. It's very 2004.
  4. She dropped a track called Ratchet Commandments on iTunes. BOP.

  5. Million + really good headphones = heaven.

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  6. The sample is used quite respectfully, and different enough to stand on its own. Came across it on Spotify over the weekend, was pleasantly surprised.
  7. I'm so happy there's a Tink thread so I can just say how obsessed with this song I am

  8. Anyone listened to the Winter's Diary 3 mixtape? The last song Afterparty is an 80s throwback surprise of a bop! Can't wait for the album.
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  9. Amazing mixtape. She puts so much emotion in "I Like", I love the whole body of work. It'd be so amazing to see her collab with Lady Leshurr, I think the two of them would create dope ass music together.

    Does anyone know when Think Tink is coming out?
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  11. Nostalgia just slapped me round the face but it hasn’t even been that long since I was checking for her.

    Happy to see she’s still doing her thing.
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