Tkay Maidza - Last Year Was Weird

I just saw her on the front page and didn't know she had a new album out. I'm on my first listen but I already love every song on it.
Not sure what this is, but bop. Doubt it's a new song, since it's basically the same instrumental as Jaded's Pancake (also bop).

This came out several months ago but I'm just posting it because it's one of Tkay's best ever songs IMO and it seems to have completely passed the forum by.

Awake and Shook have been two of my absolute favourite songs of the last few months so I’m absolutely perched for the rest of what’s in store next Friday. Her art direction is so on point too.... she deserves everything.

This is another great release from Tkay. Admittedly I haven't listened to LYWW Vol. 1 for a while but on first contact, this seems like my preferred volume. (I also just realised it's nearly a year since "Awake" first came out.)

There's great versatility here. "24K" has her..."gliding" up at an...ungodly hour, let's say, while "You Sad" is a detour poolside. Meanwhile, "Grasshopper" has her revisiting the same hardness as on "Awake".

Hopefully the fact that she's on 4AD means she'll get some promotion beyond New Music Friday Australia and New Zealand and actually, finally, becomes the huge ginormous star she's always deserved to be.