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Tkay Maidza - Last Year Was Weird

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Raisin Hell, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It's an excellent release and probably her best to date.
  2. I really like this. Absolutely loaded with scintillating production and hooks.
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  3. They should have named this This Year Is Weirder (Vol 2).
    24k is that bop but really every song slaps.
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  4. Oooo I like that. Gonna check her out.
  5. Wait, I listen to this EP today with You Sad being my immediate highlight (alongside Shook) and it already has a video? Sometimes we do win!
  6. My favourite bop on the EP!

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  7. 24k is MASSIVE. 2020 has kept me fed with music and absolutely nothing else.
  8. I heard "You Sad" and "Don't Call Again" at random points of the year, but I'm finally getting around to hearing Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2 in full. I'm floored.

    Every time I think the production is going to stay one way throughout the entire song, she manages to subvert my expectations and deliver something fresh. She's special, yup.
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  9. Yung Baby Tate collaboration coming soon?

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  10. Goude afternoon!!

  11. I'm in love with her Pixies cover, it treats the original with the respect it's earned while staying away from being a straightforward cover rendition.

    I'm gonna get into her discography.

    Is there any highlights in particular?
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Listen to her last EP, it’s the harder hitting version of her album.

    Simulation, Carry On, Monochrome, and Follow Me are great cuts from her album if you wanna check those out too.
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  13. Still think my favourite Tkay song is "U-Huh", it's so fizzy and enormous-sounding.

    "24K", "Simulation" and "White Rose" are also wonderful, and in underrated / unknown corner, I liked her take on Kilter's track "They Say". But she's so reliably excellent in general that you can't really go wrong wherever you start.

    LOVE "Syrup" and its menacing nonchalance.
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  14. The music video for Syrup premieres today at 2 PM EST:

  15. I discovered Shook Last week and now I’m obsessed. Just sat and listened to 24K which might be my new favourite, Where Is My Mind is another standout to me.
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