Tkay Maidza - Sweet Justice

The mixtape/EP is gone from Spotify. This is the second time they take it down. Why do they keep doing this?


Maybe a thread title change is in order? She just released Carry On and her debut album TKAY is out in Australia and the US in October. January for the UK and rest of Europe (of course). Looks like all new material too!

1. Always Been
2. Afterglow
3. Carry On
4. Simulation
5. Tennies
6. Monochrome
7. Follow Me
8. Castle In The Sky
9. Drumsticks No Guns
10. State of Mind
11. House of Cards
12. Supasonic
13. You Want
14. At Least I Know


Can we have a new thread title? @Raisin Hell
Got this album and it's brilliant!

Simulation is le jam bop.
Follow Me IS THE ONE though.

Can't believe this isn't the cover.

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Excited to give this a listen, even though I know nothing about her.
Carry On (featuring Killer Mike) is my fave!!!!

And yes ALL HAIL the new Zimbabwe-Australian KWEEN.......
Not sure why but I'm surprised she didn't end this tour in Adelaide since it's her hometown. I'd love to see her at HQ but no-one that I know even knows who she is.