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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Mr Bombastic, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Thanks to this ranking (which I mostly agree with) I’ve rediscovered Damaged. How have I overlooked this one for so long? It’s sublime. Why wasn’t this at least as big as Unpretty? Is it just because 3D as a whole was (understandably) overshadowed by Lisa’s passing?
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  2. I adore Damaged and I share the same opinion. An amazing song with a great music video that flopped really hard. Same with Hands Up, which is probably my favorite from 3D. A crime.
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  3. They were serial lip sync queens back in the day but since all of the UK or European gigs in recent years have been cancelled or postponed I wasn’t sure what their current set up was live.

    However, I did find this and a few others online from T Boz live and unplugged and she sounds great. Not the strongest singer ever but very soulful and not far from how she sounds on the music released….
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  4. You're right. Very similar to recorded vocals. I've never considered them to be powerhouse singers
    (they were like the Spice Girls in the sense it was always more about an attitude and vibe rather than technical ability) but that performance is more than adequate. I know they have a decent amount of choreography in their sets but they could and should do more of it live if that clip is any indication.
  5. A full show from the FanMail tour is on YouTube, and apart from Lisa's raps, the entire thing is lip synced. Even the ballads.
  6. Totally Lip Cyncing forever.
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  7. You do have to wonder why acts that lip sync their whole show even bother to hire a live band to back them in full if their vocals are playback. I know TLC not alone in this and times have changed where many focus on the live vocal above complex choreography, it just doesn’t make too much sense when an act can actually sing. It’s something I want to experience when I pay to see a live show.
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  8. Agreed. I remember being so disappointed that the tour never came to Europe (after they had promised, when accepting their Brit award in 2000, that it would) but I would have been gutted if I'd paid to watch that.
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  9. Remember when they were gonna have Lil Mama be their honorary third member until she bombed the Waterfalls rap at an award show?
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  10. Anyone going to see them at Shepherd's Bush on Tuesday? I'm losing hope of ever getting to hear "Dear Lie" live. They NEVER perform it.
  11. Yes, I'm off to the show on Tuesday! It's so close after the two cancellations of this show, and the cancellation of their tour a few years back (2016/2017?)
    I've got a Meet and Greet, which I hope is still going ahead, but haven't heard much about that yet?!
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  12. She was represented with her own vocals and they gave shout outs to her as well. I think that’s the best thing to do really rather than trying to replace her.

    I just finished watching the performance and what a set list. I was happily surprised they performed
    Silly Ho
    and especially

    People in the Glastonbury thread asked if they were miming, but a lot of it sounded live to be but with recorded backing vocals?
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  13. Yeah, they basically sang along to a tape recording.
  14. Got back from their show at Shepherd's Bush tonight - I love TLC so I thoroughly enjoyed it. They definitely had pre-recorded vocals for the majority of it. I think Chilli performed some vocals live. I think it was the same for their show at Koko but I felt that more of their Mighty Hoopla set was live. Shame as they can both sing so I'm not sure why they do it so much. Maybe it's because of Tionne's health issues, who knows.

    The performance was just over an hour - a bit disappointing to be honest. Especially as "Hat 2 Da Back", "Kick Your Game" and "Girl Talk" were truncated into a tiny medley (only the chorus of "Girl Talk").

    I feel like they could have added a few more songs in there. I wanted to hear "Girl Talk" in full. 14 songs (of which a lot were shortened) + a medley from the DJ seemed a little unfair. Especially when they have great songs like "Dear Lie", "Girl Talk", "Hands Up", "Damaged" and "Turntable" that they could have performed. Plus they've performed newer songs like "Joyride", "It's Sunny" and "Haters" too. But after all the years of never seeing them live, I'm just grateful to see them perform over here.

    Was amazing to have "Kick Your Game" in the show though this time, a definite highlight!
  15. I agree, it sounded more live at Glasto than the show tonight to be honest!
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  16. Yeah that was a little disappointing. There seemed to be a lot of filler too from the DJ and the whole thing sort of weirdly fizzled out with them signing a few things from people in the front row and T-Boz just wandered off leaving Chilli by herself for a few minutes.

    Still, we've been waiting since their cancelled 2017 show at the Hammersmith Apollo so it was great to finally see them!
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  17. I have to be honest and say I’m glad I didn’t go from the sounds of things. Their recorded material is phenomenal but they’ve just never really fully gotten the “live” shows right it seems… and maybe the setlist is an American thing. I saw Toni Braxton in 2019 and was shocked her set was so short.
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