I have to be honest and say I’m glad I didn’t go from the sounds of things. Their recorded material is phenomenal but they’ve just never really fully gotten the “live” shows right it seems… and maybe the setlist is an American thing. I saw Toni Braxton in 2019 and was shocked her set was so short.
Had the same thing with Salt N Pepa, I'm sure they were on for about 45 minutes.
Double post, but after watching the video I posted above I was thinking how amazing an autobiography from Chilli and T-Boz would be. I then discovered T-Boz did actually release one in 2017. I read back through this thread from the time it was released and can't see it mentioned at all. Did anyone read it? She even narrates the audio version.

So I finally got around to listening to this on Audible and just finished. I really enjoyed it. It was narrated by T Boz too, which is always a nice addition to an autobiography.

She goes through stages of her entire career and also discusses her illnesses and how they’ve affected her throughout. I would have liked more depth but still worthwhile.

She talks about the moment she and Left Eye told Crystal she was no longer in the group. She mimics Left Eye’s voice and I had to stop myself laughing out loud in bed with my partner asleep next to me. The audible version also includes a couple of solo songs too.
They had millions in and the girls were still trying to get on their feet financially at that point. The album was essentially completed with studio time still booked for Lisa after her ill-fated trip.

But the major reason for the release was the Clive Davis ousting and BMG absorbing all debt accrued by LaFace as part of LA's promotion to Arista. BMG would never have not released the album and they always had final say. For them it was a business decision, legacy be damned.

Sorry to bring this back but I'm in a (another) newly-obsessed TLC phase

I've just found out they have some unreleased material from 3D with Lisa, songs like "Us", "Slow Drag", "Watch the World" that haven't been leaked yet. What do you know about them? Were they hold back for a possible future release or was more due to a legal issue with her family? Thank you!

I wish they would release a ratities/unreleased album
This came up today.. are they the mixes that were on their selftitled 2016 album?

(They do sound different but 'TLC Mixes' is a bit vague)

Waterfalls wasn't included on the "TLC" 5th album, but yes, the other 2 were included (Creep & No Scrubs).

They were initially from a re-packaging of the "TLC 20" compilation album -- that was initially released along with their made-for-tv biopic (starring one of the current Real Housewives of Atlanta as T-Boz, as well as Lil Mama and Keke Palmer). I still don't understand fully why they did it.


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Does anyone know when Turntable ('s video) came out?
I see sites saying it got a video in 2002 but also ones that suggest it was released in promotion of Now & Forever?
Does anyone know when Turntable ('s video) came out?
I see sites saying it got a video in 2002 but also ones that suggest it was released in promotion of Now & Forever?

I think it was some kind of promo video for Now & Forever as it wasn't on the CD+DVD version of 3D.
Whenever I miss Lisa, this is the group interview I always come back to:

It sounds corny but you could always tell she truly had a sincere love and appreciation for all of her fans.

God, this would have been a dream come true for me in 1999. I wanted to be best friends with them so bad. They're so sweet and kind to him. My heart!
Never listened to it, I found the lead single severely underwhelming and after Lisa was gone, it just didn't feel the same. Maybe I should give it a shot.