After years of research the only full length rap version I’ve ever found has been censored, which is a tragedy. I was thankfully able to edit the swears back in.
That’s so shocking! I would’ve thought the single had it uncensored!

I assume this is fan made (no pun intended) but it should be the default version:
There was a period in the 2010's where people loved to point at FanMail as "dated" compared to CrazySexyCool, but I think seeing how much the y2k sound and aesthetic has gone on to inspire this generation of pop and R&B stars just goes to show how influential it truly was. "No Scrubs" was the first big hit for Kandi and She'kspere and still sounds as fresh as ever. Also "FanMail" and the "Communicate" interlude being about how computers connecting us actually makes us feel more lonely... oracles!
“I’m Good At Being Bad” should’ve been a single. But also, if someone they do reissue I hope they put the original version with the “Love To Love You Baby” interpolation back.
I don't want to be too optimistic, but I really hope we get digital EPs of the FanMail singles for its 25th anniversary like we did the first two albums. Almost five years have passed since they did that for CrazySexyCool, but it would mean so much to have the "Unpretty" mixes readily available. It would be a great opportunity for the full 4:00 mix of "No Scrubs" too, but I'm not holding my breath. It's almost like they lost the master of the longer version or something? There could also be the radio edits for "Dear Lie" and "I'm Good at Being Bad," etc.