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Today My Entire Apartment Flooded In A Storm

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ElectricPlatypus, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. My cat and I are OK but this has been an extremely intense, emotional day.

    I woke up just before 6am because lightning was literally strobing outside--just nonstop flashes, really intense. I was surprised my cat wasn't on me and didn't respond to my calls, so I got out of bed and under the light of my phone, saw a bunch of brown muddy water filling about half my bedroom and the entire bathroom. I just stared in shock. I had been out late and didn't see any sign of this when I went to bed at 2:30am. I couldn't find the cat. I realized the water was coming in fast, I tried the door and felt the weight of water pouring against it. Then I really freaked. I got it open and water about 8 inches deep started gushing into my home. The whole hillside was a waterfall, directly flowing into my ground-level studio. I live under my landlords and ran outside and started calling for them. By the time I got back in, the whole apartment was full of a few inches of water. My cat was on the bed trying to hide under the pillows. Things were floating around my feet. We hurried to turn off the power for fear of standing in the water and being eletrocuted or hit by lightning.

    We found a blockage and cleared it and the water rerouted. But the damage was done. About 10 or so hours spent by 3 of us vacuming and mopping mud out and taking everything (soggy and muddy) that I own out and into the garage. I am moving so a lot of my stuff was in now mud and water saturated boxes. It was just, crazy.

    I'm attaching a video I made showing the flood waters inside once they were under control.

    I'm still in shock. That's all I can say. I finally cried a little a few minutes ago. I'm on the floor of my now empty but clean apartment. TOmorrow I have to face my belongings. I have already been struggling financially and now I've experienced another setback.
    Anyway I know I don't really see threads like this here but it just felt too major for "Random Thoughts".

    edit: If you look up Kauai Flooding online you'll see some people have been far less fortunate.
  2. I'm so sorry. (Massivedigitalhug)

    I know we're all here for you, if and when you need us. The only advice I can give is just take it one step at a time. It's overwhelming and scary, but you'll turn this around. You got this! :)
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  3. That's the water that tore through the property and my studio--and some of the debris that backed it up into my place.

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  4. Thank you so much.
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  5. sorry to hear, that's pretty scary. although having your stuff ruined is a huge bummer, i'm glad you and your cat are safe. please take care!
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  6. Thank you, unfortunately, it was genuinely scary, and skthouga I'm now mellow and safe, I feel scared of it happening again and when I stepped outside a moment ago, I thought the ground was wet again even tho it isn't. Great, a new trauma!
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  7. When do you move? (I thought you did already. . .)

    It'll help you, once you get away from there.
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  8. This is horrible, but I'm glad you and your cat are safe. If you have a few friends on social media, consider setting up a small gofundme just to help out with replacing belongings.
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  9. I feels like I'm always moving. I'm back in Hawaii. I'm supposed to move out at the end of the month but I still don't have a place to move out to.
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  10. I only have a YouTube and Popjustice so I guess this is when my lack of a social media presence is hurting me.
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  11. Just saw this now & hope you're in a better spot. How's everything going?
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