TOKYO 2020ne: The Olympics!


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You're a day late.

As someone living here in Tokyo going ahead with this is madness..

There’s going to be no audience, right? The football whatever is going ahead with some public on-site these days, but I guess the pandemi situations are quite different between Europe and Japan.
Lest we forget, the parade of nations of the 2006 Winter Olympics opening ceremony was done to the sound of 70's disco and 80's pop tunes, starting with Chic's Good Times and for example, Let's All Chant was played during Team GB's arrival and Daddy Cool during Team USA's. Popjustice!

As someone living here in Tokyo going ahead with this is madness..

As someone who doesn’t live in Tokyo but somewhere not so far (Nagoya, the Chicago of Japan), it truly is madness. Japan is just starting now to get the ball rolling with vaccinating and to have the Olympics when we are no where near close to vaccinating a majority of the population is maddening.

The government here (and let’s be honest pretty much anywhere) is corrupt as hell, everyone knows that. But to openly display that corruption in its handling of the coronavirus and Olympics...phew.
It's disgusting they are doing this considering the low vaccination rates, delta variant and the Japanese population being largely against it.

I make ads for a living and can pretty much confirm that this is all just going on because way too much money is at stake...not that it's a surprising factor, but seeing the ad dollars on paper for Olympics TV buys is insane...the fact we're jeopardizing a nation (and maybe the world) for sports and money is so terrifying.