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TOKYO 2020ne: The Olympics!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 2, 2021.

  1. Some of the new events this year are… interesting.

    No shade to skateboarding but a mixed swimming relay… ok
  2. James Guy... what a guy. Not.

  3. Living for that Jamaican podium sweep in the women's 100m! Elaine Thompson-Herah becomes the fastest woman alive, and breaks the "real" world record since Flo-Jo's 10:49 are very debatable due to the wind (and possibly other things).
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  4. I've been watching the water polo and bmx biking the last few days but what was absolutely insane was catching some of the surfing the other night, that damn ocean looked like it was truly gonna swallow both of those guys up.

    I'm so happy that skateboarding was added cause between it, surfing, and water polo the men are always the hottest.
  5. 2014

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    The way he's pinned the tweet as well........gross.
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  6. Rebeca wins gold at the vault and MyKayla Skinner ends up with silver after entering the final as the replacer for Simone.
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  7. rdp


    With today's gold, Rebeca is the first brazilian woman to ever win two medals in a single edition of the games, and she already has the best individual performance (regardless of gender) in all categories in Brazil's history. I mean, what else can you say... She is everything she is the whole universe etc
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  8. She’s so talented and it’s so easy to root for her. She just has that je ne sais quoi.

  9. What an amazing women's triple jump final! Yulimar Rojas crushing the world record, Patrícia Mamona flying over 15 metres and Ana Peleteiro beating Spain's national record twice. Queens!
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  10. Italy winning Eurovision, UEFA EURO and the Olympic men's 100m and high jump in the same year.

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  11. Well I hope she tuned in for the athletics tonight because MAWMA!!

  12. Taiwan's gold winning badminton team are so cute. The fantasies i've had tskstsksj

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  13. Nn you'd love the men in California.
  14. Yes gawd my jaw DROPPED watching him.
  15. Rebeca being an absolute star, making an entire nation proud, getting the gold and recognition she deserves after all the ill-timed injuries, and defeating racist MyKayla? We truly won!
  16. Is anyone else annoyed by those "suddenly I am interested in the olympics" etc memes? Did people seriously not know that there are hot athletes?
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  17. The men’s high jump ending in a tie was so lame nn
  18. I am a California girl at heart x

  19. “The Swiss Team also pointed out that the accident was not the fault of Godel or the design of the Seaforest Cross Country Course.” If they are not at fault, who else might be? Tell me they’re not blaming Jet Set!

    Also, between Jacobs from track and Di Fulvio from water polo, I’ve lost count of how much looking respectfully at Team Italy I did this week.


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