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Tom Aspaul - Black Country Disco (Album, out now!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Why is this out on a Monday? Random. Diving in now!
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  2. Just ordered the CD.

    I hope Annie is full of regret now.
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  3. This popping up on a random Monday morning has caught me completely off guard in the best way.
  4. Short and sweet this isn't it? But it is indeed great fun.
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  5. Serving WHAM! album length.
    I am also definitely getting solo George Michael album, if he had released one in between the two WHAM! albums.
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  6. The sequencing is fucking amazing, I'm amazed at how he laid out the story. When Traces was released, I thought it was just gonna be a nice collection of gay heartbreak pop, but this is a full on experience. The first half is really sad... I love how the album picks up and finds a bit of positivity from Euston onwards and it explodes at 01902.

    I feel so weird hearing pop music about gay love, heartbreak, sex, all that, because we rarely get to see / hear depictions of that. Or maybe I don't listen to enough gay male artists but more often than not, it comes in some indie / experimental form and this feels just frank and without any pretentious characteristic. Hope it picks up in some form and more people get to hear this. Bravo, Tom!
  7. A song was on the gym radio and sounded like Tom and it was Dynamite by BTS?
  8. This is cute. It might be that super short sugary bursts of 80's pop is kinda wearing on me a little bit, but it's solid if not revelatory. Feels like something more interesting will come next from him. But yeah, very effective, if feels like it recalls a lot of other artists throughout.
  9. I feel the same.

    Kinda love that he released this on a Monday though. Oldschool.
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  10. This is one of the best albums of 2020 for me.
  11. I love this. A delight from start to finish. The sort of non-stop shiny, 80s, disco-tinged boppery I can never get enough of. I think it’s a bit of a victim of us having so many tracks prior to the album’s release, but when they’re all still 11/10s, it doesn’t make too much of a difference to me.
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  12. He deserves to be huge.
  13. The bass in the title track though. Bloody COVID preventing me from hearing it via massive speakers near a dancefloor.

    01902 reminds me of that poppers o'clock remix of Agnetha's Dance Your Pain Away

    W.M. remains one of 2020's greatest singles. Had no idea until recently that Clare Maguire was involved; can she please give us her own shiny disco bop album please.
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  14. This album is excellent! I had no idea about it until it come up in my recommendations on Apple Music, I honestly cannot keep up with all this great pop music we've had this year!
  15. I can't quite get over how much this album has got under my skin. It really is fantastic. Although it seems like my CD won't be here until the end of October!
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  16. This is such excellence.
  17. I love this album so much.
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  18. Carnelian and Black Coutry Disco... grits, GRITS!
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