Tom Aspaul - Life in Plastic, It's Expanded + Planet Fantastic (2023 Tour)

Just saw this and you can only hear it via

Love it.


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Awww, remember when Tom swung by and talking about 'Feels so Good'?

Good times.

I actually really like this song too!


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Scratch that it's AMAZING. Everyone should listen to it. I like that it occupies the same sonic space as 'Indiana' but still pushes his sound forward.

What a croon.
He should be receiving the attention Nick Jonas gets. 'Indiana' and 'Good Together' are light years ahead of any two tracks on that Jonas album.
I heard that he singed a pretty huge publishing deal a while ago. I hope this means he'll get a big mainstream push. He's absolutely wonderful.
Ooh, this is lovely.

He has such a good musicality, I'd love it if he wrote for Kylie (or Janet) some more.
I really, really love this. I don't think I like it as much as Pioneer, but I don't like most songs as much as I like Pioneer. It's nice to hear him do a song that you can properly dance to.
Wow, what a gorgeous song. I can't help but dream of Kylie singing it - he really should get in there and bang out an album with her.
We're here to discuss the lovely Mr Aspaul though.

If we get a dreamy synthpop album from him with tracks of this calibre, I'll cream my chonies.