Tom Aspaul - Life in Plastic, It's Expanded + Planet Fantastic (2023 Tour)

Getting quite frustrated with the vinyl delay here, mainly because shipping was suppose to start in October.

I got a reply from customer service:

It's pretty difficult for us at the moment to announce a precise ETA since we depend on the traffic conditions and our partner's working speed. The items are arriving this week, and shipping should start at the end of this week or early next week.

Has anybody in the UK received theirs?
I’m in the US and only just received a shipping notification yesterday, while some of my friends received their order a few weeks ago. Seems odd that the distributor is trying to say they haven’t received the stock.
Mine arrived last week. Could they be delayed by Royal Mail walkouts? Receiving mail in London has been a nightmare lately.
Not got mine yet either but did get that it was being dispatched (even if that was back in October).

I am taking as it comes. I mean Tinashe - Songs For You anyone?
He sent out an email to his BandCamp supporters. He's been working on a big project for two months that's going to be announced next week. I'm assuming it's a tour.

His Indiana EP will also get a physical release this year.

"Hello Kims!

Happy New Year!

I've had a very busy 2 months, putting together a huge project, which will be announced next week.

The Life In Plastic deluxe edition tracks are now large and in charge to buy on Bandcamp for just £5!

I will be making some Life In Plastic standard version vinyl available to purchase on Bandcamp next month too.

Potentially doing a CD of It's Expanded also, we'll see!

2023 happens to be the 10-year anniversary of 'Indiana', something physical will be coming in Q4, watch this space....

Lots of love


Something huge is being announced next week!!”