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Tom Holland (New Spiderman) as Rihanna

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by mrp2910, May 8, 2017.

  1. Just incredible. Are there any actual popstars these days serving choreography at this level?
  2. He's so cute.
  3. Can he immediately embark upon a pop career please.
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  4. If someone on the x factor / the Grammys pulled out a performance like this I think this forum would implode.
  5. Sensational. I had no idea he had a dance background. There's something so surprising about someone quite geeky looking being able to perform like that.

    The bit where he gets on the floor and hits the water was... wow!
  6. I was amazed seeing this. I hate this show but he is just so talented…..and very sexy.
  7. I can't even perform the Diana Vickers 'Call Me' routine properly. *sobs*
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  8. Holy shit! That was amazing. All of the big pop stars (minus Beyonce, Bruno, and maybe Gaga) should be ashamed of themselves. Why can't they do a one off performance like that?
  9. Not him performing this better than Rihanna ever did
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