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Tommy Genesis - First album + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. So I wonder how there is no thread for this young, fresh girl.
    According Dazed she's the current most rebellious underground rap queen.
    Her first album, World Vision is dope. Its like MIA was making sex to Uffie's sublte beats.

    and on this one she collaborarated with Abra. Tommy produced the song even herself.

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  2. I've been bumping 'Execute' for months now, one of my favorite songs of last year. I really like her style, she's so well dressed and sexy.

    World Vision (both the song and album) are very good too, I highly recommend Tommy!
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  3. I like some of Tommy's stuff, but nothing's grabbed me yet.
  4. She definitely has potential but right now that's all it is. And a great look.
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  5. Thats my absolute favorite song of hers. Its like you can get nicely fucked all light while listenin to that song.
  6. I thought Tommy was going to be her debut ñnn of course not. As usual with her, the visuals are incredible and the music is just good.
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  7. I have such a massive crush on her but most of her music is trash. It's a shame cause she has the whole package, the music just needs to be better..

    I like "Art" and this new one though. Hopefully the album is good as well.
  8. Yeah, yikes.

    I LOVE 'Tommy' and the single cover is gorgeous. Can't wait for the album.
  9. Just saw she's opening for Dua Lipa on her North American tour nice.
  10. That's awesome for her, but in what way do their audiences intersect?
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  11. They're both pretty and look like models, I guess.
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  12. Her name will always just remind me of this.
  13. Video for "Tommy"
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  14. New single Lucky dropped today.

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  15. “Tommy” is a bop. I need to listen to her other stuff.
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  16. It’s a bop, like all of her other songs. I just want something of hers to really grab me though.
  17. "Lucky" sounds very M.I.A.

    "Tommy" is still that bop though.

    Some quotes from her Noisey interview. I'm perched for this.
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