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Tommy Genesis - goldilocks x + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Apr 1, 2016.

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  2. Remix album incoming?

    These remixes are pretty inessential, but I guess you can't top perfection.
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  3. I saw Tommy in Seattle last night and while her set was pretty short (like 50 minutes), she killed it. She was so energetic and engaging with the fans despite being sick. Her friend Amrit is a good DJ too. My highlight of the night was being called up on stage to do Charli’s verse of 100 Bad (even though my microphone was malfunctioning because of a drunk girl spilling her drink on the sound system prior to the show ddd).
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  4. Yas! I can't wait to see her next week!
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  5. Have fun! I hope you get chosen to do the 100 Bad verse.
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  6. Thanks! And it's best she doesn't ddd, I would fuck it up so bad.
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  7. Obsessed with her album over the last few weeks. Play With It is such a stunner! Vinyl is on the way.
  8. Island

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    I can barely lip sync Charli's 100 Bad verse in one breath but sis I'd be up for the challenge.

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  9. andifyoueverwantedtobechristinaaguilerainthedirrtyvideoinasslesschapssquattinginaboxingring say hell yeah!
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    At least Tommy got an album out!
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  11. Oh my god she was so good. I'm depressed though cause her set was so short. She didn't even bring anyone up for Charli's verse or do an encore. Like it was barely 45min. She said she was sick so maybe that's why.
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  12. How come do I discover this girl now? The album is massive.
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  13. She posted an instagram story of her in a studio with LaurieAnn Gibson with the caption #rehearsaltingz. I wonder what's going on there. Is Tommy about to serve us some choreography?
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  14. Low key hoping it’s Judas-level of spastic.
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  15. New music soon!
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  16. Wow I love this hair! Also she released a remix with Deb Never on Friday.

    Quadruple post but i'm not sorry! Ya'll should be sorry for sleeping on her.

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  17. Love this! I hope this is not just some random stand alone single.

    Also get those brand deals sis!

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