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Tommy Page RIP

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mguyb, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. So sad to hear about Tommy Page's passing today. I was a huge fan and this is a really tragic loss....


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  2. This one comes as a a shock. Obviously because of the alleged circumstances, but also because up until a few years ago I only knew him from when he guest starred on Full House and I thought he was a fictional popstar created for the episode!

    Since then he's really had quite the varied career in the music business -- artist, A&R at Warner Bros., publisher at Billboard, artist and brand partnerships at Pandora. The man did quite a lot for someone who's perceived as a one-hit wonder.
  3. Devastated since I heard.
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  4. Also BOP
  5. Sad news, never heard of him before, but this topic made me discover his music and his debut is amazing. It sounds like the Lewis Martinee-produced PSB album that never was.
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  6. Shoulder To Cry On was huge here in Greece. Radio just decided to hammer it for years in the late 80s.
  7. I know the name from an 80s compilation I have. Big in the US for a bit.
  8. I only know him from that one Full House episode, and I too thought he was completely made up for the show. I'm finding out now that he was very talented, and very real.

  9. A Shoulder to Cry On was great (much better than #1 I'll Be Your Everything imo) and got me to buy his debut which turned out to be surprisingly dance-y in a good way. African Sunset was my favorite after Shoulder.

  10. He was touring Asia just last year. This all seems quite bizarre. Such a shame.
    He also remade "I Break Down" a couple of years ago, one of the few good tracks of his 2nd album.
    The lyrics are so eerie now if you think about it.
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