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Tommy Sparks

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by swinginglondontown, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. The Tommy Sparks album is out on Monday.

    It is brilliant and thoroughly recommended.

    Anyone else have any opinions?
  2. Is he the one who did She's Got Me Dancing? If so, very good stuff (though it didn't click until recently when I was at work and starting bopping around the shop to it).
  3. That's the one.
  4. I've only heard the singles and previewed it on iTunes, but I loved what I heard and ordered it from Play (£5.99!) on the strength of that. It sounds absolutely ace.
  5. I thot this was out already, it leaked ages ago. It's a brilliant album, I love Tommy Sparks.
    His track with Filthy Dukes, "Messages" is also very good.
    I hope this does well for him
  6. I loved his first track but had no idea the album would be out on Monday so thanks for the update and shame there hasn't been much promo, unless I've been in a hole and have missed it all?!!
  7. It might be 31 August actually. I got confused by the review in today's Guardian.
  8. Yeah it's the 31st. How did it fair in the Guardian? Planet Sound gave it a stupidly unfair 6/10, but then again they gave Miike Snow's album 5/10, so they're obviouly talking complete rubbish!
  9. I had to have a little Google after hearing the song on the new iPod Touch ad. The one that sounds like it samples Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I hate to fall for their marketing strategy but I like it. Tommy Sparks' “She’s Got Me Dancing”.

    I must admit I prefer the ad to the official video. I think they were going for retro tech/so bad it’s good. I think they went a little too far.
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