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Tones & I - Dance Monkey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Dance Monkey is great. What is wrong with everybody? When that bass kicks in with the chorus it gives me the chills.
  2. I'm glad to see "Never Seen The Rain" entering the ARIA Top 10, securing her a third hit in Australia.

  3. Mood whenever I hear her ~sing.


    I actually think Dance Monkey is neat production wise, it's the screeching that ruins it.
  4. A male contestant on The X Factor sung this last night and it actually sounded a lot less shit than the proper version.
  5. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I much preferred the Eden XO cover, but that's been scrubbed from the internet now.
  6. K94


    Just listened to this in full - why that vocal?? This would be great in the hands of someone like Tove Lo but those ridiculously self-indulgent vocal ticks. Sis...
  7. She sounds like Duffy if her vocal cords were put through a shredder. Y'all will send anything to #1.
  8. 16th week at number 1 in Australia:

    Tones And I breaks the record for most weeks spent at #1 on the ARIA Singles Chart. ‘Dance Monkey’, which is only her second single, breaks Ed Sheeran’s record of 15 weeks with Shape Of You, which has stood since 2017, and is the first Australian single to hold this record since the ARIA Charts began in 1983.
  9. This song is huge in Australia, I’m not a fan though I find her vocal irritating.

    But I do like her follow up single, Never Seen The Rain.
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  10. It's everywhere. TV, radio, Spotify, YouTube... The other day I was walking near a football field and it was playing.
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  11. Just came here to ask why this song is everywhere and No.1, it’s been out for absolutely yonks and nobody seems to care about here.
  12. Please change the thread title. Mallrat and G Flip sound nothing like her. They're all just Australian.

    Mallrat is a genius and G Flip is also great if not a bit lost in direction.

    Tones & I, while I'm glad something non bland went to number 1 - she sounds like Duffy covering the lower ends of Hypemachine circa 2015.
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  13. This is legitimately one of the most horrible number ones I've ever heard. Human beings have such shit taste in music.
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  14. It must be a conspiracy situation because why... this? Its not a case of “I hate it, how can it be popular?!” but I’m trying to work out how it’s bedded itself in the GP consciousness at all. Nothing about it stands out.
  15. I have no idea and I am so torn. On one hand I am glad the GP are hearing this side of pop music that we all knew for years. It has that 2015/2016 uptempo indie "quirky" pop vibe. The radio has been DROWNED in Lewis Capaldi and dreary pop.

    However, the vocals are like when Duffy went tits up with album number 2 and it ruins the song for me. If only the vocal delivery was "cooler".
  16. Has nobody seen the music video?!
    I also love the song, though get why her vocasls can annoy...
  17. That voice does stand out, just... Not in a good way.
    The song itself is really catchy, and it's a chill dance track that you can hear basically everywhere, from grocery stores to clubs.
    That said, I'm ready for it to be forgotten.
  18. Listening to some of her other songs just highlights how much she's forcing the... kookiness of her voice on Dance Monkey. Her normal voice is dull as dishwater but collect those coins from the locals that miss Sia I guess.
  19. Listening to the EP and it's not bad. For some reason I got early Ace Of Base vibes in that when I listened to their debut I was like 'what is this basic pop' mainly because I was 20 and also used to more complex stuff but could also tell that fans aged 8-15 would go crazy for the material and make them megastars.

    Safe to say after Billie and her we will see and influx of XXL-wearing bop-making, vocal-ticking girls flood the market. They definitely make 'princess' pop stars of the last decades feel very vintage and is what kids are gravitating to these days.
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  20. It’s actually quite funny how this has blown up, it’s just one of those facepalm moments of the GP continuing to show their awful taste in music. It sounds like it should be on some shit indie playlist on Spotify.
    Tbh, I’m not surprised it’s number 1 when they let the likes of Ed Sheehan and Lewis Capaldi reach the top - truly abysmal.
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