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Tones & I - Dance Monkey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. SMG


    Wait I’m kinda shocked at the hate for this in here? I don’t get why it’s the huge smash it is but it’s a pretty big bop.
  2. Tis a conundrum.
  3. Well... uh... at least this thing song took a record away from Ed Sheeran. I guess.
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  4. I would imagine it's the horrific vocals? They remind me of when Janet on X Factor forgot the words to Mmmbob, just... panicked noises.
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  5. Just heard this for the first time, and...yeah, hard pass on those vocals. It’s like she’s trying to be Sia, Alma and MØ at the same time
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  6. I only came across this song a few weeks ago and hated it, especially her voice... but fast forward to this past weekend and I had it on repeat at full volume after 3/4 vodka's... help!!
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. You put this out!
  9. ...with a heavy dose of bawka-BAWk-abawka Netta.
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  10. What's the story behind this?
  11. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I mean, it is what it sounds. Eden XO released a cover a few weeks ago, and then a little while later it disappeared from all streaming platforms almost certainly because of legal issues. Though I just noticed it's still up on Soundcloud.

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  12. It's pretty obvious why is a huge song, it really stands out from everything, it's the kind of song you know it's going to be a hit the first time you hear it.
  13. She's back! Her version is so much better.

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  14. I hate this song SO much.
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  15. She seems really sweet.
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  16. She reminds me of Honey G, except with some talent.
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  17. This will stop Mariah form number one in some places right?

    Makes it even more unbearable. I hate this, and I hate all the Karens from finances who already ask me if I love this song to and want to see her live etc. because “isn’t this the kind of music you like?”

    No, this is disgusting.
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  18. I'm stanning the fact she's lying about her age because I'm a messy homo and love a scammer, but the song remains utterly utterly dreadful from every conceivable angle.
  19. I'm Australian and I only heard this song for the first time today because I saw that she won some ARIA Awards.... This is so bad, wtf.
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