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Toni Braxton - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by captaincroc, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Club And Radio Remixes:

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  2. Promo:

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  3. Love this album, it was the first Toni album I owned and subsequently went back and bought her debut album a few months later. I now actually prefer her debut but still have a huge soft spot for Secrets. I had tickets to see her Secrets tour live but it was cancelled and never rescheduled. Sad times as I've yet to see her live.
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  4. Unbreak My Heart may be her biggest seller singles wise but for me her ultimate choon is He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me. What a bop! I did always like Secrets more than The Heat though.
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  5. Whilst I do slightly prefer the debut more, no denying Secrets is a classic R&B album and her voice is so smooth and lush on the whole thing. The song Talking In His Sleep, is a mood too:
  6. Yeah for me it's

    Toni Braxton>Secrets>The Heat

    Though I adore The Heat, the title song.
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  7. I wish Toni got more recognition for her success, she is one of all time greatest R&B artists
  8. Love this album. I Love Me Some Him and Come On Over Here are great slow jams. I (at last) saw Toni in concert in London in late 2019 pre pandemic. Whilst she looked and sounded amazing I was left slightly disappointed at a set that lasted only an hour. With her back catalogue you’d expect double that.
  9. Great write up. The remixes from this era were top drawer stuff and flawless. I saw Toni live in Las Vegas many years ago, I still have the souvenir mug which has lasted surprisingly well despite being used every so often.
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  10. Indeed, the word underrated alas very much could have been invented for Toni Braxton. She hardly ever gets her due.
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  11. The fact that she still releases such quality music to date is incredible. Deadwood, FOH, Sex & Cigarettes, Do It and Dance to name just a few highlights. Her voice is so unique and deep. Bloody love her.
  12. Add Long As I Live to that list, and I very much agree!
  13. Brilliant artist. Her two 90s albums are defining R&B works and contain Babyface's finest work. I feel she doesn't get enough credit for how huge she was. You're Makin Me High is one of the most massive bops ever.
  14. "I'll always think of you
    Inside of my private thoughts
    I can imagine you
    Touching my private parts
    And just the thought of you
    I can't help but touch myself
    That's why I want you so bad..."

    Pure poetry!
  15. MY FIRST CONCERT abroad!
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  16. I adore her. Can't believe it's been 25 years!

  17. Count me in as another who prefers the debut. It's just perfect. You Mean the World to Me, Another Sad Song and Breathe Again are absolutely brilliant.

    But Secrets is no slouch. They definitely upped the budget and glamour and delivered a strong album.

    Considering how great and successful Toni's first three albums were, she really doesn't get her due. She pretty much dominated the '90s and early '00s.
  18. I agree, she is probably one of the only artists from that era of RnB whose latest albums do not disappoint. Long as I Live and Dance would easily fit in my top ten Toni tracks.
  19. I agree, the first two albums are quality all the way.
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