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Toni Braxton - Sex & Cigarettes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NuhdeensPassport, Sep 7, 2017.

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  1. Toni Braxton is back with a new single Deadwood to be released imminently from her album Sex & Cigarettes which comes out early 2018.

    The album follows 2010’s ‘Pulse’ and 2014’s Grammy winning collaboration album ‘Love, Marriage, Divorce’ with Babyface. It also comes after a lengthy hiatus, during which the songbird contemplated retirement and focussed on her acting endeavours.

    I love her confidence when discussing the album/single. Deadwood is a bit of an unfortunate title but I'm perched.
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  2. I LOVED ‘Love, Marriage, Divorce’ and she was my first concert, so... excited!
  3. Great news! Can't wait to hear her new material.
  4. School them young girls Ms Toni. I'm ready
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  5. For me Toni is the most underrated diva of them all, her voice is so unique and her back catalogue does not get enough appreciation
  6. Mr.Arroz

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    Ready for this!
  7. I'm old and this name shocked me.
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  8. LOVE this.
  9. This is fantastic. Love, Sex, Marriage and Divorce was a wonderful album. I remember her on Wendy Williams a few years back saying she was too depressed to make any new music, so I'm so happy to see that's changed.
  10. Very good song indeed.
  11. Superb song. Sooo classy!
  12. I remember spinning Love, Sex, Marriage and Divorce for a kii and WIIIG, it blew my mind and was on repeat for weeks.
  13. Rollercoaster, Hurt You, and Hope That You're Okay are all jams.
  14. Toni never fails to bring it
  15. This is a nice surprise, she has so many great songs and it would have been a shame to see her retire.
  17. Really hope she will treat us with a music video!
  18. LiK


    Her voice is still so beautiful, I'm truly in love with her tone. However I do find this song a bit middling it's cute but it feels a bit empty?
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