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Toni Braxton - Sex & Cigarettes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NuhdeensPassport, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Uggghhhh
  2. And no M&G, maybe she does hate her Little Deadwoods.
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  3. I've booked two tickets in the general stalls! Exciting!
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  4. Top price tickets in the stalls secured.

    Poor my bank account, but it's worth it to see her at last!
  5. I was in two minds about booking, but she's never toured in the UK in the time that I've been able to go and I don't imagine she'll do so again for a while, so I'm really glad I've booked!
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  6. Did anyone see how much early entry was? Hoping there will be some more on Friday.
  7. 57 quid
  8. Oh really, so same as normal standing?
  9. £5 more
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  10. If one more person says to me “Who’s that?” when I tell them I’ve got tickets I’m going to lose it.
  11. I know. Someone at work had no idea who she was. I was sickened. What's wrong with people?!

    On another note, I saw this on Spotify this morning, which seems to be the Libra album, but renamed and with different artwork. Do we know why this has appeared in this way? Is it label issues or something?

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  12. I noticed the other day that, I assume due to Blackground Records not uploading it, the Libra album is prone to unofficial uploads.
  13. Yes, that’s what it is. There are tons of different unofficial uploads of Libra with different track listings and covers. Because it’s her only Blackground album it’s the only one with this problem.

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  14. Ooph those horrid covers!
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  15. I couldn't get early entry on Wednesday. Oh well.
  16. Spent this evening trying to get a +1 to come and I'm shook at the apathy.

    So I'm ridin' this one solo in standing.

    If you see me, please talk pop to me. I'll be the one in the white catsuit getting my life to 'You're makin' me high'.
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  17. She still sounds incredible.
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  18. Long As I Live is incredible, Classic Toni.
  19. Toni has never really been an artist I've ever listened to outside of her big hits. My sister, who had way cooler musical taste than I in our childhood, was massively into RnB and had the 'Secrets' album which she played to death. Still, Toni was never an artist I took the time to get to know, even as I grew up and my musical tastes began to change and diversify.

    I heard 'Long As I Live' last year and fell in love with it and made a mental note to check out the album when it was released. The album lay in my favourites, un-listened to. During the late summer of this year, I took a solo trip and realised, depressingly, I couldn't access the music on my phone unless I was on a WiFi network (I hadn't downloaded any tracks to my new phone). I had a long stretch of travelling ahead of me and I was pissed off at myself for this oversight which rendered me tuneless. The horror.

    I checked my album folder by chance and weirdly enough 'Sex and Cigarettes' had downloaded somehow. I was happy to have some music until I got to the hotel and went in for a listen. I was absolutely blown away. Sitting on that little bus, the summer breeze blowing through the open windows, palm trees and blue ocean all around and this gorgeous little album playing on loop. Those smooth beats and acoustic vibes. Damn. I didn't listen to another thing for the whole week. I was angry I'd sat on it for so long. But I believe I was meant to discover it in that way, at that time, in that setting. Call it musical fate.

    I've since been on a Toni Braxton binge and have been working through her back catalogue finding so many gems. I'm really loving the Pulse and Libra albums. Some tracks I'm obsessed with are 'What's Good', 'No Way', 'Shadowless' and 'Sposed to Be'. Toni does that smooth acoustic vibe so well. Perfect for those warm, sensual, honey dipped vocals. Today I'm obsessed with 'If I Have to Wait'. It's the country tinged, RnB ballad I never knew I needed in my life. Truly beautiful. Especially the final part with the 'I'll wait, I'll wait, I'll wait...' refrain. The ad libs, the harmonies, the instrumentation. I had serious goosebumps. I found a great "live" performance of it on YouTube where the live instrumentation really packed an even bigger punch.

    Anyways, apologies for the essay. I just wanted to share with some Toni fans how blown away I've been by her. I'm so delighted my technical balls up led me down this path. Never a happier mistake have I made. Any recommendations, especially in the vain of the aforementioned tracks, would be greatly appreciated. I'm pissed off I won't be in the UK for the live show. Have a great night to all of you lucky enough to get tickets.

    Peace and love.

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