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Toni Braxton - Spell My Name

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. OK, I was shocked at Toni missing the top 50, but I gasped seeing she debuted at #163.
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  2. Did anyone even know this was out? If I wasn’t a member of PJ I’d have had no idea.
  3. I'm more shocked you expected a boutique release without a hit by a heritage artist in the middle of a pandemic to chart better dd.
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  4. It honestly isn't all that shocking. There's been no promotion and there's no real hit.
    It's not like public interest has dropped off massively since Sex & Cigarettes, or that the material is unmarketable, people just aren't aware.
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  5. As am I!! Wow... I thought the UK position was bad but never would have dreamt she’d debut this low in the U.S.

    “Do It” was #1 on adult R&B was it not? That’s as big a success an artist like Toni could really aim for these days (for a single).
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  6. Guys, Katy Perry, THE Katy Perry sold 50,000 (35,000 pure sales) copies last week. With a huge budget, Idol, baby, 9 formats, 34 videos etc. Albums are ded.
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  7. Toni just seems like the type of artist who can shift a little bit on name alone. Brandy just debuted at #11 after 8 years away.
  8. If you weren't a fan of hers, or on a forum like this, you'd have no clue this album was a thing.
    Even when she dropped the "Dance" Audé remix out of nowhere, it felt like a one-off "what the hell, new Toni!" moment... it's a shame.
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  9. I mean, Sex & Redacteds didn't have a hit either, and while it probably had better promo than this it was hardly given a huge push.

    If this was her first album in years it might be less shocking, it's just weird that she released an album in the streaming era just 18 months ago and got to #22 and here she is now 140 places lower.
  10. Long As I Live was everywhere come on, girl. The singles were much more visible. Love, Marriage & Divorce had been a success leading to Sex and Cigs. And she was coming off nearly a decade away, people were curious. This is just another album. Also going from Def Jam to Island... the budget for everything must've been slashed.
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  11. There was 0 buzz for this. I forgot it was coming out myself. Nevertheless, it's so so good.
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  12. I did think it would at least make the top 100 in the US!!
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  13. I know it's not on topic but I've been bumping her debut's 2-Disc reissue the past few days and I am absolutely gobsmacked I ignored this for so long:

    The funky bliss of it all.
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