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Toni Braxton - Spell My Name

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. She looks amazing. Loved it!
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  2. Great song and video. Love how joyous they both make me feel! My only critique of the video is the giant white suit she’s wearing. Thank you Toni for making this summer bearable.
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  3. I don't understand why she hasn't announced a physical album yet, today would have made sense with the launch of the video. I'm going to be really disappointed if we don't get a vinyl release
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  4. It's fashion bb. She's rocking it too.
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  5. Of course it is darling! Love an oversized pantsuit but it doesn’t need to look like she’s swimming in a giant marshmallow.
  6. What an absolute serve. The song is amazing too.

    It genuinely feels that since Love, Marriage & Divorce her love for music has just been reignited and she's not bothered about creating music catered for chart success, but instead music fitting the legend she is.
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  7. Toni should become a new disco diva!
  8. I'm late but wow, Dance is a huge bop and a half. The bridge in particular is stunning, I'm living for that chord progression! One of the best songs of the year for me. She just doesn't miss a beat.
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  9. The CD is up for sale at Amazon UK now:

    Hoping there will be a vinyl available as well.
  10. Does anyone think we’ll ever get vinyl reissues of her debut and Secrets? She’s one of my all time top 5 artists and my collection has a giant Toni shaped hole in it. On Discogs they are so expensive for often far from mint copies.

    Also ‘Dance’ is a complete bop. It’s giving me that traditional disco I was initially expecting Kylie to do (based on the imagery/ title) so it’s scratched that itch for me.

    A fully fed gay.
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  11. Cute little EP made up of existing tracks on Spotify UK! Love that it has songs from 'Love, Marriage & Divorce'!
  12. Thanks for sharing! I'll give this a spin later.

    Long As I Live is still soooo good.
  13. Amazing to see Toni get her 9th #1 on Adult R&B chart

  14. That is an excellent video. So excited for the album.
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  15. I Hope That You’re Ok is a solo Babyface song, isn’t it?
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Yes. Strange to include that instead of I Wish.

    This feels very much like a glorified playlist thrown together by an algorithm and given a title.
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  17. It’s also on Apple Music. So, someone must be behind this.
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  18. Howling.

  19. She sounds incredible. Wow.
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