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Toni Braxton - Spell My Name

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Toni stays winning with these excellent tracks.
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  2. This is amazing. She's like a fine wine, just getting better and better as the years roll by. Fantastic stuff.

    Listened a few times now, and I can safely say, that delicious intro ends far too soon as does that awesome guitar solo as does that slinky outro. Somewhere in an alternate universe there's a 17 minute Sexatronic Sauceathon Suite Parts I, II & III version of this. As it should be.
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  3. 4/4 so far, really. And the killer Dave Audé remix to boot. Shaping up to be one of her best. Please let her drop a vinyl for this album.
  4. I’m enjoying everything so far, but nothing is quite hitting like the highs of Sex and Cigarettes.
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  5. The album is gorgeous. Doesn't touch the highs of Sex & Cigarettes for me, but it's a great accompaniment (especially given that you could combine the two to make a normal length album in the streaming era).

    Spell My Name (the title track) is my favourite.
  6. If you're going to release a 9 track / 35 minute album, there can be absolutely no room for slack - every one of those songs must be top drawer or the whole set suffers. On Sex & Cigarettes she achieved it and then some - every single track pulling its weight made for a stunning (if criminally short) collection. It's clear on Spell My Name she's aimed for more of the same but this time falls slightly short of the mark, and it shows.

    The positives - this album opens with it's best hand - Dance is a much welcome respite from down-tempo-Toni towards the disco-tinged dancefloor, Gotta Move On is among the best tracks she's done in recent years - simply sublime, and Do It (sans Missy) is one of those interlude-length slowies she does so well. From there however, the quality varies and a few tracks are desperately in search of a hook or a melody or approximately twenty more instruments and a kick up the backside. By the time we get to country-tinged 'bonus' (?) track Nothing, I'm so pleased to welcome back a hook, a guitar, some percussion and a beat it's as though the album's ending on a false high.

    Of the rest - the title track simply plods along aimlessly, Happy Without Me is one too many Toni-being-all-morose-by-the-piano-with-strings numbers, and Saturday Night's potential to be amazing is squandered by the lack of necessary bombast that would lift it out of sounding like so much of the rest of what is on offer here - would it have killed her to have added some drums and succumbed to the power-balladry the track is desperately reaching for.

    Overall, it's a great companion piece to Sex & Cigarettes and certainly half of this set stands up to its predecessor. Take the best half of Spell My Name, throw in all of Sex & Cigarettes and add in a few of the collaborations from recent years (Live Out Your Love with Kem, and Broken Things with Traci Braxton et al) and it's a cracking hour or so well spent.
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  7. Her voice sounds absolutely beautiful. I don't know if she rests for months and months prior to recording or what, but my god, she sounds just like she did in 1994 on some of these tracks, and the ones on "Sex & Cigarettes". Would love physical vinyl releases of both sometime down the road.

    "Spell My Name" is a duet with who? Not credited anywhere?

    Her vocals on "Saturday Night" - wow.

    "Dance" remains the odd duck of the album, but it's my favorite. I missed the fun Toni, high energy stuff and it's awesome to have her back with it.
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  8. She really has an impeccible discography. I followed all of these girls from the 90s, and she remains the best.
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  9. I believe it’s Johnny Yukon. Which is... so very random
  10. On first listen, it doesn't reach the heights of Sex & Cigarettes for me, but it's still a solid addition to her discography. Do It (Missy version) and Saturday Night probably the highlights for me.

    She's never really made a 'bad' album, has she? I listened back to all her previous ones (except Snowflakes, obviously) in the run-up to this release, and while Pulse is easily the worst one for me it still has enough highlights to make it worthwhile.
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  11. Does the target edition of this include bonus tracks?
  12. Saturday Night is really that track grasping you instantly. Also Gotta Move On with the juxtaposition starting as a very classical influenced track, but ending with prominent electric guitars has me captivated.
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  13. londonrain

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    Yeah, Saturday Night is the deep cut that stood out to me as well.

    I'm not going to claim Sex & Cigarettes was a flawless album (I could have lived without My Heart and Forgiven should probably have taken its place) but it was very solid and definitely more instant than Spell My Name is. There's a lot to love about the new album, though. It feels a bit like Sex & Cigarettes: Side B, which is both a compliment and a criticism.
  14. I'm loving this! Title track is so confident and sexy, Gotta Move on is the one though. I just love that we have this, I never thought we would get another new album so soon!

    Edited to add: her vocals on Happy Without Me are heartbreaking.
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  15. Loving this album almost as much as the last. Like @londonrain said, it's almost a Side B to 'Sex & Cigarettes'.

    The CD booklet is filled with beautiful photos and all of the lyrics.
    I'm not really sure what they were going for with the track listing on the back cover, though...
    • Tracks 1 - 6 are under the heading "Toni"
    • Tracks 7 - 9 are under the heading "Braxton"
    • Finally, "Nothin'" is in a different colour under the heading "Bonus Track"

    Messy, but the songs are good so who cares.
  16. Graphic design is her passion.
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  17. I kind of prefer the back cover photo.

    Loved the album even more on second listen, going to try HMV for a copy tomorrow.
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  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member charging £10.99 for the CD is... not it.
  19. Aren’t most new CDs around that price now? CD prices seems to have increased within the last year or so.
  20. Toni probably did the logistics re pricing.
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