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Toni Braxton - Spell My Name

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. I wasn't totally crazy about Sex & Cigarettes (Long as I Live aside), so I think I prefer the new album overall. Dance and Do It are such a fantastic 1-2 punch.
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  2. I think Love Marriage & Divorce is my second favourite of hers (The Heat still being the clear winner) so I am 100% here for a sequel.
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  3. Couldn’t agree more... I much prefer this album. I really like “Gotta Move On”, “Spell My Name”, “Fallin’” and “Saturday Night” too after my first listen. It’s a strong album!
  4. Sadly the new album didn't make the UK Top 200.

    #21 - download chart
    #58 - sales chart
    #85 - physical chart

    Midweek positions:

    #115 - Tuesday (550 sales)
    #162 - Wednesday (610 sales)
    #192 - Thursday (666 sales)
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  5. Poor Toni, she must have sold 6 copies. 'Do It' ft. Missy is great, but I think even Radio 2 has passed on her new material this time.
  6. They playlisted ‘Dance’ on their most recent playlist update.
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  7. So I see - good news!
  8. She should’ve released a vinyl! Would easily have made a dent on the charts then. This album is made for late night spinning too.
  9. It’s coming soon.
  10. Totally sucks. She deserved so much better.
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  11. So disappointing! I wonder why it's done so badly compared to "Sex & Cigarettes"... I thought her fan-base would at least allow "Spell My Name" to chart, especially as she just did her first live show in 20 years here last year. I guess it's because radio haven't playlisted the singles up until this week and I think "Long As I Live" was A-listed. Mind you, "Love, Marriage & Divorce" barely scraped the top 100 too. Pop injustice!
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  12. Even as a Toni fan this release feels low key, I'd bet some don't even know it's out.
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  13. Yes, I guess that hasn't much either. Shame.
  14. Probably a stupid question but why did she have to chance the title? I prefer the new title anyway.
  15. She didn’t make Top 50 in the US, either! Wow.
  16. Really? Thought she would have at least done so.
  18. Not that it would have made a huge difference, but the signed CD's & vinyl should have been made available on the week of release.
  19. I am genuinely shocked she charted at 163 in the US! I bought a copy.
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  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


    Her next lowest chart positions are #119 (Snowflakes), #22 (Sex & Cigarettes) and #13 (More Than A Woman). Every other album by her has made the top ten.
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