Toni Braxton

Been listening to Secrets LOADS over the past few days. One of THE best chilled summer albums ever!

Too many great tracks!!!

Discuss!! :P
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I love You're Making Me High - great tune and production from Babyface and Bryce Wilson - anyone else like Bryce Wilson's Groove Theory CD and Tell Me single? Unbreak My Heart is a great ballad, lots of quality tracks; didn't like R Kelly's I Don't Want To - found it boring.
I like ' I Don't Want To' especially the middle 8! Its a dream. The album is full of chilled out classics and I didn't realise how many of the tracks were actually released to US radio.
Blimey- she's obviously not very good with money then.

It's a pity she stayed away so long. Pulse is a great album and should have done big things for her. Maybe she's considered a bit past it now?
Pulse is not amazing. Libra is amazing.

I can't imagine how in the hell one racks up $50m of debt - who loaned it to her?! - but I hope she survives it.
Expensive recording and promotional campaigns + flop albums.

Poor Toni, I always thought she stood a cut above the 90's RnB pack. She better start booking those Dubai, Russia, Poland gigs that seem to keep Sophie Ellis-Bextor's head above water.
She's got quite a resumé of 'bad deals and making deals and screwing them up'

Her flamingo @ Vegas show was filled with problems like her canceling dates back and forth and now even that is among the things she owns money to..

Poor Toni
Had she been properly managed and under a decent label, Libra could have been a smash. that album is amazing
Isn't this the second time she's filed for bankruptcy? The first time was around '98 I believe.
When she filed for bancruptcy, she said it was her record label's fault (LaFace Records), then L.A. Reid and Babyface shot back and said the truth was that she was living way beyond her means. Apparently, she employed everyone in her family and had an entourage of over 20 people. Wherever she went, the ENTIRE entourage went as well.

If you look at the current debt she has, it's for Tiffany's, BMW dealerships, satellite tv, a termite/pest company, and all these department stores. Someone didn't teach Toni that if she's going to live like Joan Collins, she's gonna have to graft like her.
I can still remember buying her debut CD as a child she has an amazing voice. "Breathe again" still can make me cry it holds so many memories for me. These times are broken and hard for everyone, no one I know isn't struggling fiscally right now.


She spent like Madonna while earning like Martika more or less.
They need a reality show fast. FAST.
Have you seen her sisters/mother in Make My Heart?

But...she also has an autistic son.
this is a shame... can prevent her from any new music for a very long time :(

*off to play 'Yesterday' followed by 'Make My Heart'*
How can you be in dept for between 10 and 50 million??? Surely it's hard to be £40,000,000 out in your calculations.

I never have any sympathy for people who get in this much of a mess. If you haven't got any money STOP SPENDING!!!