Toni Braxton

Always great to see love for Libra, my favourite Toni record.

He Wasn’t Man Enough remains her finest single though for me at least.
Major agreement with all of this. Libra is a great low-key, smooth, romantic R&B record. Hooks all over the shop. Even if Take This Ring is a shocking 1 Thing knockoff dd. I want it on vinyl.

I woke up craving He Wasn't Man Enough yesterday after not listening to Toni in ages, and spotify's autoplay got stuck in a late 90s R&B groove, also gave me The Heat and You're Makin' Me High over the day... and honestly, work. Toni's underrated, her voice is such a one off. She just doesn't have quite the body of work she could/should have had.


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They really couldn't have picked a better quote for the headline??

They did her dirty with that video title.

Not the “free R. Kelly” comments landing on that video without realising this was literally 1996 and we didn’t know all the things we know now…

(Also, even if she didn’t like him she was hardly going to say that at the time, was she?)