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Re: Toni Braxton retires from music industry

"Record companies keep calling me but I'm really not interested". Now you know that's a damn lie, Toni.

Yeah, didn't she have to release her last single on her own label?

I really doubt Toni's swamped with offers.


Re: Toni Braxton - I Heart You (Single) / 7th Album

Let's merge...
Toni Broketon has had more foreclosures than Grammys, so it's baffling that not only is she giving up music but she's acting like the only reason she's doing Braxton Family Values is because of contractual obligations - it's about the only thing that's keeping her house right now.

This whole thing is a mess, and I love me some Toni.


It just sounds like a plot for Braxton Family Values, to be honest.
Toni is well past her market and I say this as someone who loves her. "Yesterday" was IT and "I Heart You" was great but it's clear her audience has left the building. She's even the most boring person on BFV but I think that's because she is "above it all"
I watched Toni's interview on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday. I think it's so sad that she's retiring from music, because I still enjoy her albums very much and she's so talented. She's an R&B legend.
Hahahaha! Damn Toni. For a Christian woman she sure lies a whole lot.

I wish she would focus on some grown up R&B instead of being a budget Beyoncé, if she could score some decent Urban Adult Contemporary airplay she could make bank.
I'm dead.

We're not stuck in the nineties, I'm not expecting another Unbreak My Heart but I am really upset we're not getting another video/single like I Heart You. I couldn't breath from the production through to the younger man, hair and skull cap.
New album due for release in July 2013, thank god she decided not to quit music for me Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton are the 3 best singers of past 20 years, she is so unbelievably under-rated in this country

These article talks about her frustration at being a reality star and confirms the release. I love the title and it looks like she's back working with Babyface also


(A) This is very exciting - I was disappointed when she suggested that she wouldn't be recording new music, so it's nice that's no longer the case (although that is quite a quick turn around - is this all a reality TV stunt?). (B) Yay for working with Babyface. Yes, please Ms. Braxton.


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Like she was gonna retire! She needs a legitimate way to file for bankruptcy in the next year.
I had forgotten about Get Loose. Such a shame that never got released, it is AMAZING. I liked Pulse, but a few of the leaked tracks deserved spots on the album. I'm surprised it didn't sell well off the back of Hands Tied (that song is ma jam).