Toni Braxton

Tragic how so many years on she's still chasing Mariah's trends. The Emancipation of Toto's Special Gemstone to the Second Power? Pfft.
Pulse was actually a pretty great record, leaded by strong singles and gorgeous imagery. Thing is, she is not 'hot' to radio stations or even AC pluggers, which is tragical with such quality material inside her hands. I also loved how, in 'Pulse', Tamar got even more prominent in the background vocals department - "Make my heart" and "Wardrobe" are almost all Miss Tamar. Plus, "No Way" got wasted as an album track, and that is one of my personal jams, I fucking love how the vocals blend together in the background and melt like ice cream.
It's interesting how we sometimes criticize artists for not releasing the right songs, because it may have improved an album that was a flop. I can't fault Toni's single choices with Pulse though: Yesterday, Hands Tied and Make My Heart are all flawless.
I am so excited for this!! I thought she had quit so was so upset. But this will be great her last album was amazing. And I Heart You showed a lot of promise.
'Hands Tied' remains one of my favourite songs of all time. 'Yesterday' was sublime too - Pulse, in general, was completely underrated - even the tracks that didn't make the album ('Get Loose', 'I Hate Love') slayed entire discographies.

I'm excited for new music, but I'm assuming that a lot will be self-penned, because it's going to be difficult for her to get big-names to give her genuine hits now (sad, but true.) I choose to believe that title is a joke though, because it is legitimately one of the worst things I have ever read.
Toni Braxton is in a much stronger position now than she was when Pulse was released, her show in America has been very successful and she is a lot more prolific now. She needs to get album out while people are actually showing interest in her, this is probably her best shot since The Heat of having an album campaign thats picked up by mass media in America
You're right that she's got a bigger profile in the mainstream right now, but the fact that she can't really promote her music extensively is a major contributary factor to her maybe not being able to be as successful anymore. She said on her show, when she was talking to Babyface that the reason she didn't want to release another album is due to her not being able to take the rejection of her records failing anymore, and she can't do anything about it due to her health.

Hopefully Babyface will write her some good stuff, and she can do well on the R&B format. At the end of the day, she is probably the biggest selling solo R&B artist ever (or at least female R&B artist)
What happened? Was she sick of geting harassed by all those producers that wanted to work with her so just gave in?

I want another single/video like 'I Heart You'.
According to Wikipedia, Toni has decided to re-record some old hits and include them on a deluxe edition of the new album. Those songs are; Breathe Again, Un-break My Heart, Hit The Freeway, Please, Hands Tied and He Wasn't Man Enough. I'm not sure how reliable that is, but it's pretty interesting. As much as I love Hands Tied, it seems strange to re-record it when it was only released about three years ago. I hope they differ from the original if this is all true.