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Top 100 Best Selling Female Acts 1980-2013

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Hello All,

    I know how much this forum loves its female acts so what better way to celebrate the success of the ladies of pop than with the ultimate rundown of the best selling female acts of 1980-2013?

    I've chosen to end the tally in 2013 as this is before "Streaming" comes into the chart equation and makes estimating much harder in terms of "pure sales". This list is based on singles sales only.

    As with all my rundowns here an act will be credited with the total sales of a track if they are individually credited on a track even as a named feature act.

    To accompany each post I'll try to find a video which shows most, if not all, of their discography along with my personal fave from that act.

    Finally the top positions will probably be well known but please no spoilers- the fun is in the rundown as they say.

    My tallies may differ from the OCC as I use the Gallup figures for 1983-1994 and the figures of the time for the 1994-1996 period which occasionally differ from the OCC tallies used.

    Thanks as always go to OCC, Gallup, MW, MFR, Haven, and youtube.

    As always the success of a thread depends on you so participation is encouraged!
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  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did not know this.
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  3. I like to shock AND inform!
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  4. OMG!

    I think Janet, Madonna and Shania will make up the top 3, but definitely here for a massive surprise!
  5. I'm here for Sheena Easton, Chaka Khan, Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor, Martika....
  6. Oh hell I am so here for this.

    (I suspect most of Popjustice will be though)
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  7. I think you may be disappointed with where Janet and Shania end up…..
  8. This ain't no top 1000 honey.
  9. Prince might beg to differ....
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  10. Oooh another gezza super thread. I'm in.
  11. I was looking forward to Mariah doing well in this but then I noticed we're looking at UK sales... so never mind.
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  12. 23 years worth of sales. 24 top ten hits. All I Want For Christmas on download. She'll do fine.
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  13. Oh. That changes things.

    But... There is hope for my queen of Sprock. Small hope.
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  14. OK Let's get some facts on the board-

    All of our ladies have breached the 1 million mark in singles sales in the UK. (there's actually 106 females who have sold that figure in the time frame covered here)

    Each post will contain the total number of hits they've had in the period (Top 75 hits only) and won't include any re-entries or remixes unless the original was before 1980. The acts individual best seller (to the end of 2013) will also be listed and their years active as a hit maker.

    Are we all ready?
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  15. Is this a hint?


  16. Hell yes.
  17. Why-aye-pet
  18. 100. SAM FOX (1,073,000)


    14 HITS 1986-1998


    Who had Sam Fox pegged for a place on this list? From Page 3 pin up to sexy songstress and onto Stock Aitken & Waterman, Sam Fox had it all back in the 80s with enough fame to make her a household name. Come the 90s and the hits dried up with an attempt at a dance makeover proving a damp squib in 98, since then she’s kept her name in the limelight with regular spots on various reality shows.

    Personal highlight

  19. Queen.
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  20. 99. CIARA (1,102,800)


    12 HITS 2005-2013


    Labelled as the first Queen of “Crunk & B” (remember that) Ciara arrived in the pop world with a debut chart topper in “Goodies” in early 2005 whilst we were in the midst of THOSE Elvis re-issues and fixating over who got the 1000th No 1. She was last seen in the top 40 on the 2009 with Justin Timberlake and we’ve seemingly lost interest in her since then…..

    Personal Highlight:

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