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Top 100 Best Selling Female Acts 1980-2013

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Not a legend then.
  2. let's get it started then.....
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  3. 29. GABRIELLE (3,177,000)


    18 HITS 1993-2007


    Who thought Gabrielle would be in the top 30? Creating chart history when “Dreams” became the first debut single to debut as high as No 2 and she spent the rest of the 90s accumulating another 9 top 30 hits. Come the new decade and her Bob Dylan sampling “Rise” returned her to the top and was followed in 2001 by a million selling GH compilation and then it went downhill rather rapidly.

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  5. Her second album is peak Gabrielle for me. Especially love Give Me A Little More Time and If You Really Cared.

    Despite the horribly dated 90s corporate video this song can make me emotional:

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  6. 28. TAYLOR SWIFT (3,282,000)


    18 HITS 2009-2013


    She’s gone on to sell another couple of million since 2013 obviously, but without the whole “1989” era Swift still makes the top 30 on our list. From country star to international popstar her transformation has been remarkable and she’s probably the biggest female popstar at the moment. The album “Red” was the album that broke her as a major star here in the UK where a high profile relationship with a certain Harry Styles helped her to become tabloid fodder.


    Personal highlight

  7. 27. TINA TURNER (3,285,000)


    38 HITS 1983-2010


    From the theme to “Mad Max” to a bond theme, a perennial favourite in “The Best”, and even a dance overall in the late 90s, Turner’s career has it all. After charting with husband Ike in the 60s and 70s Turner went solo picking herself up after walking out on Ike and her existing career after suffering domestic violence. She proved she could do it all on her own with a string of highly successful singles and albums well into the 90s.


    Personal highlight

  8. Taylor Swift's chart history 19 minutes long.

    Tina Turner's chart history 4 minutes long.
  9. Lily's zenith for me is Hard Out Here (song and video), despite its mediocre chart position.
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  10. I'm glad this didn't take into account Taylor's 1989 era because seeing her above the legends that are coming on this list would have had me seeing RED for sure!
  11. Tina Turner is an absolute legend who perhaps had the greatest comeback in music history. Well deserved to be quite high up.
  12. Her best song for me. Lovely.
  13. And yet it still wasn't enough to outsell Jessie J.
  14. I know. So sad.
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  15. I'm being triggered!
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  16. Sunshine is in my top ten songs ever, i absolutely adore it, when that base guitar (is that what it is) intro starts, it just has me.

    I adore Gabs anyway, just such a solid discography, and live she really is amazing, hits everything note for note and on the upbeat tracks has an energy that just doesnt come across on record (she does a Jame Brown like rolling on the floor "in the moment" thing that is totally believable). Love love love her. Gutted her more recent output hasnt given her more success. Top moments for me include:
    Sunshine (just sublime)
    Rise (of course)
    Walk On By
    Give Me A Little More Time
    Ten Years Time (I probably have shared my coming out story and how this song helped too many times)
    Dont Need The Sun To Shine (underrated bop!)
    So really great to see her here, and I'm longing for a renaissance!
  17. Tomorrow i'm afraid we'll have to lose 3 British ladies from the rundown!
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  18. Is Gabrielle touring?

    I really need to start going to see artists like her that were massive, should still be massive but have fallen off the pop radar. I imagine concert tickets are easier to get these days, in smaller venues and more affordable.

    EDIT: She's playing Market Harborough and Solihull. I have no concept where those places even are!
  19. Praying for Goulding and Jessie J but NOT Kim.
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  20. Kesha having 12 hits is a big revelation to me. I can only name about 3, and I have one of her albums.
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