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Top 150 Best Selling Stock Aitken Waterman Singles

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. I think all the years from 1979 to about 1991 were good times to be growing up and discovering pop/chart music. Decades seem to be defined purely by numbers, but 80s music as we know it didn't really begin until mid-1981 and a lot of stuff in 1990/91 had that 80s approach to it. I didn't really begin to have major "uh oh" moments about the future of pop until the mid-90s.
  2. I was 10 in 1989 and I've always felt it would have been nicer to be just a bit older like Rooneyboy or Baby Clyde so I could have enjoyed the early 80s better. My very earliest music memories are from around 1981-1984 (Dollar, Bardo, Bucks Fizz, Rainbow, Dr Hook, Blondie, Culture Club, Yazoo, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Olivia Newton John, Dolly Parton, Dionne Warwick, Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Wham!) but I only really started getting into the pop charts and knowing all the good, the bad and the ugly around 1986/87.
  3. I'm only 24, but am glad I am not a kid now with today's rubbish of so called music being made. There is so much drivel to filter through I'd say.
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  4. Did anyone have this?


    My cousin did and I was so envious.
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  5. I had it on cassette! One of my favourite albums ever!

    It was 4 half hour megamixes of Stock Aitken Waterman's hits and flops and was how I came to know and love some of their lesser known numbers. I would welcome a remastered reissue of this.
  6. I had it on vinyl at the time and since on CD aswell.
  7. I only got to hear it once when my cousin came to visit us in Chicago, I hadn't heard much SAW before that (only some Kylie) and was desperate to have it. Fortunately we moved back shortly after and I OD'd on the stuff.
  8. Damn you @burntoutcar I'm now having to re-read this whole thread!
  9. [​IMG]

    I always thought it was "sounds (a) little bit confusing".

    Now that I've re-watched it, you are indeed correct.
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  10. (Oz) Smash Hits listed it as a double A-side in the top 50 chart they printed, which confused me, because I'd never heard of 'Made In Heaven' at the time.
  11. Very happy this thread has been resurrected as it's a great read. I was born in 1975 so these songs are the story of my tween/early teen years, including post-1988 when I discovered Guns N' Roses and tried to pretend I was too cool to like chart pop. I wasn't.

    Fun fact about I Should Be So Lucky: a rumour was flying around that Kylie couldn't really sing and had just been chosen to be a pop 'face' cos of Neighbours, and her vocals were actually Rick Astley recorded at 33rpm and speeded up to 45. I duly bought the single and played it at 33, and it did sound ever so slightly like Astley in some parts. I've never tried this again since so I'm relying entirely on my memory from being aged 12, if someone would like to repeat the experiment I'd be happy to be corrected.
  12. I Should Be So Lucky has had so many different variations about it's meaning by Uncle Pete over the years, it's making of is just as infamous as the song itself.
  13. I remember this from the time. It's even mentioned in Kylie's Kylie Video VHS (she's just ADORABLE). I always used to speed up/slow down their records to see how similar they were. They do sound very alike!
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  14. I sometimes envy the guys and gals who got to grow up with Kylie Mania. Must have been something so special.
  15. Imagine seeing all this stuff for the first time ever on telly!

    What a time to be alive (and 10 years old)!
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  16. Indeed! I can imagine so. SAW and in particular Kylie circa 87-92 really was pop gold.
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  17. By the way, you have made me wanna listen to Enjoy Yourself now! The weakest of her four albums at PWL for me, but still a solid album all the same.
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  18. Hearing BTDYK for the frst time in 1990 was awesome.
  19. I bet it was! And unexpected too given what had gone before in terms of her music perhaps?
  20. Very! wasn't expecting anything that amazing. Plus seeing the video and this new sexy sultry Kylie.
    I remember being very dissapointed it didn't get to number 1 (shocked even ..) as it was so fresh.
    It was the best time to be a Kylie fan for me, couldn't wait to hear what she would come out with next.
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