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Top 150 Best Selling Stock Aitken Waterman Singles

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. It so should have been #1. All the pop girls seem to go much more sexier and mature on album #3 for some reason, but no one did it better than Kylie. A game changer and then some.
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  2. I think my reaction was, phwoar. And then I melted.
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  3. Not surprised!
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  4. You wouldn't believe how often I rewatched the World Premiere on VHS that weekend!

    (the better version seems to be blocked on youtube due to copyright!)

    It really was a massive change in image and sound at the time (I know it doesn't seem so in retrospect).
  5. Pete Waterman: "we reinvented the wheel with Better The Devil You Know".
  6. I wonder if Kylie got some tips from Cathy Dennis that Christmas?

  7. "Better the devil you know" was the first Kylie single I actually liked…I remember seeing the video and thinking "That Michael Hutchence has corrupted her…and turned her into a sex kitten!"
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  8. Kylie circa 90-92 was the first time time I ever felt any semblance of national pride!

    (And it's been a pretty infrequent affair ever since...)
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  9. Before I'd read about this, I was listening to 'I Should Be So Lucky' on my walkman, and the batteries started running flat, playing the tape at something like half speed. I noticed it *did* sound like Rick Astley before I knew about this theory!
  10. A bit off topic, but this cracks me up:

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  11. Tsk, unforgiveable. To think, the singer, thingy, was responsible for her biggest ever hit years later….
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  12. I remember those rumours but had never actually tried slowing it down - it sounds just like him!
  13. This is equally uncanny.

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  14. I'm so happy that this exists on the internet (and other people remember it too) and isn't just me wanting to believe something when I was 12. I've always loved a good conspiracy theory!
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  15. I ADORE the little head bands Kylie was rocking during this time.

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  16. Sorry for resurrecting this thread but I feel like I'm just goi through all of @gezza76 threads that I haven't already read. I've obviously not been commenting on anything as they're so old but felt I had to add to @Baby Clyde list...

    Madonna - 84-91
    Lady Gaga - Fame/Monster
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  17. I know this is from 6 years ago and Ricks version probably leaked years ago but for anyone who hasn't heard it here's a rough demo of Rick singing some of Nothing Can Divide Us

    And someone even made up a duet version...
  18. The Rick version wasn't the best... so he made the right decision I guess.
  19. Yeah, he seemed to really struggle with the higher notes!
  20. Rick's a great vocalist. But yes, I can't think of him singing Nothing Can Divide Us at all.
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