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Top 150 Best Selling Stock Aitken Waterman Singles

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. OMG @Cowboystyle , thank you for resurrecting! I wasn’t aware of this thread and excited to read through.

    And agree on Rick and “Nothing Can Divide Us.” Though it’s kind of hilarious that SAW took a song rejected by someone as naturally talented as Rick and gave it to Jason who could barely croak anything out at that point.
  2. Glad I could help, I've spent the last few weeks binging on various @gezza76 threads. Amazing.
  3. As someone who was 10 in 1999, I can't help but note the thread in Comeback Corner talking about what a seminal year for pop it was! Haha. Yes there was plenty of shit but there always has been - I think in 1999 it just tended to be glossier, distinctly American-style shit (or whatever Westlife and Boyzone* were trying to be) or novelty records, rather than receptionists from St Helens plucked from obscurity by Uncle Pete or dodgy charity covers. I definitely agree that Simon Cowell did far more damage than SAW because I don't think Cowell even enjoys music, just money. SAW lost the plot but they at least genuinely loved pop music for its own sake.

    Even for those born in 2009 - are 1 Direction really worse than Big Fun or The Osmonds? I think at least now even though there is a lot of homogeny, there is just also literally more music to discover via streaming and YouTube - though I remember a period in the mid 90s when the UK charts at least were pretty much just dance and indie with some hip hop, and then again in the early 00s with added garage before Xenomania's imperial phase got underway. It all cycles round.

    *for all the deserved Westlife criticism....Boyzone were infinitely worse!
  4. I will add that streaming makes it easier than ever to keep track of an artist's back catalogue as well as their current work - my first experience of Kylie was Spinning Around for example, and getting to discover her whole back catalogue and the glory of Rhythm of Love (obviously her best, just obviously!) has been amazing. But I don't know that it makes my experience worse to have not been around for when she was a joke to the music press.

    (Also as someone who grew up on the Steps version of Better The Devil...the intro of Kylie's version alone shits all over the Steps one, and I love Steps)
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