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TOP 2 | The ENYA Discography rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Verandi, Nov 12, 2019.


What is your favourite Enya album?

  1. Enya / The Celts (1987 / 1991)

  2. Watermark (1988)

  3. Shepherd Moons (1991)

  4. The Memory of Trees (1995)

  5. A Day without Rain (2000)

  6. Amarantine (2005)

  7. And Winter Came... (2008)

  8. Dark Sky Island (2015)

  9. Best Of / Soundtracks / EPs (1984 - 2009)

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  1. The ENYA Discography rate
    TOP 3


    Picture from the On My Way Home photoshoot
    Hand lettering from the booklet of Paint The Sky With Stars


    Orinoco Flow

    Caribbean Blue

    Book of Days
    [Gaelic Version / English Version]


    Notable averages for the 3 songs left, by voter

    10,333 @Ray @pop3blow2 @If You Go @Angeleyes @smalldivo
    Less than 9,000 @Sprockrooster @Crisp X @burntoutcar

    Voters with a top 3 of perfect scores (10s and 11s)

    @DoggySwami @simes1970 @Ray @pop3blow2 @If You Go @Angeleyes @smalldivo


    Some stats!
    • It's a Vintage Enya top 3! The songs were all released between 1988 and 1992. All of them were Top20 hits in Ireland and the UK
    • The three tracks are the opening songs on Paint The Sky With Stars and A Box of Dreams and have been featured in every collection so far.
    • They belong to the "twin albums" Watermark and Shepherd Moons.
    • Only one of them is younger than your rate host!
    • Languages still included here are... English, with a touch of Gaelic and Latin.
    • Only one of these songs have occupied the #1 spot at some point. Yes the top 10 was wild.
    • The lowest score left is still 6 nn.
    • When I asked y'all for the possible Top 5, only one of you guessed that Only Time and The Humming wouldn't reach the Top 3, albeit in the wrong order. Nobody guessed the Top 5.
    • In the Top 5 we had 120 possible combinations, now we have 6, so I won't be giving any more hints. Actually, the little Swiftie jumped out because along the rate I gave enough hints to guess the correct Top 3. Oh oh oh.

    We're almost there omg

  2. Ray


    Was it me?

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  3. That rachid song destroying my average. So far the order for my top 5 has been reversed. So it probably means Book of Days is next and Caribbean Blue wins this and I am not ready to live with that.
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  4. My ranking of these:

    1. Book of Days for the win!! What a song.
    2. Caribbean Blue
    3. Orinoco Flow

    There's no real competition for my number one spot (OK ... Maybe Storms in Africa Part II is a VERY close second) ; Book Of Days is just perfect and I just think everything about that song works so well together. The lyrics , the melody , the instrumentation, the tempo... they all give such a sense of power and energy.

    I sooooo wish I'd participated in this rate, you have no idea! I have probably listened to Enya more than any other artist since I discovered it, and I've really re-discovered her massively - albums I already knew I loved like Shepherd Moons and A Day Without Rain have been played again and again, and other albums I have given more of a chance to than previously (Dark Sky Island!). I said earlier in the rate that my top 5 would probably be:

    Book of Days (probably my 11)
    Storms In Africa Part II
    Only Time
    Lazy Days
    Paint The Sky With Stars (I can't believe this only placed at 58!)

    Over the last few weeks, I think China Roses and Afer Ventus have replaced Paint The Sky With Stars and Lazy Days. China Roses is SO beautiful, it can be a bit overwhelming in the way it makes you feel the beauty of the world.
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  5. July 2020
    November 2019



    The top20 was all in all acceptable but Watermark really stole China Roses' place.
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  6. Ray


    Wow. I gave it a 10 as well, but I should have gone with 8-9, it's not as solid a 10 as for instance 'Orinoco Flow'.

    Oh lovely, that's my dream top 3!
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  7. The fact that the write-ups for the three remaining songs will be fucking endless if I want to keep the usual format lord jesus help me

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  8. This rate really has created an unwarranted hatred towards Caribbean Blue. In a rate full of gems, Caribbean Blue just lost all it's shine.
  9. Ray


    But only in you. And I'm glad you can be objective about your hatred's unwarrantedness xx

    The only thing that I regret about the rate was hearing 'Only Time (remix)' for the first time, because my life was much better without that in it. And not giving 'One By One' 10 it deserved.
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  10. "Fun" fact: I just checked and had you given it a 10, One By One would have been the first song with a 8,000 average. Looks like your

    tricked you x
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  11. So... this was just released

    I CAN'T at the Harry Potter-esque footprints. It's the wrong franchise @EnyaIntern.

    We're getting another collection this year aren't we. I suppose it's something but I'd rather get a new studio album.
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  12. Not my beloved Kate hopping into the Enya rate thread! (I mentioned in another thread recently I think I'm the only one who voted in both her rate & Enya... me in a nutshell. ddd)

    I'm pulling for 'Book Of Days' big time & I kinda can't believe it made top 3. Top 10 or 12, for sure. Top 5, maybe? But I did not believe top 3 was in the cards. So wonderful!
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  13. Scream. I am actually hoping she is involved in James Cameron' second Avatar movie. That movie just screamed Enya to me.
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  14. Genuinely thought that remaining 6 might’ve been mine. But I checked, and my lowest remaining score is 7.5.

    Book Of Days (English version) be gone!
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  15. nn I hated Avatar so I hope she steers clear from the franchise. I do believe that The Hobbit was a missed opportunity but why do I feel like they asked her for round #2 and she refused?

    It's grouped with the superior Gaelic version tho ":("

    Anyway, keep the discourse going girls, because I refuse to post #3 at the bottom of the page. Not that it's ready to go nn it's endless.
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  16. The fact this does not surprise me.

    And instead we got Ed Sheeran. Christ, we really lost.
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  17. Tea I don't enjoy many things in life but it's an overlong and expensive exercise in special effects that just tries to hide the most basic and predictable story-line ever. I'll pass. I can still hear people fawning over it "OMG like wow the meaning if this movie OMG we were the invaders OMG is this what native people felt like :O ". Even Shrek has more dept than Avatar WHICH by the way stole the title from the iconic animated series too. Nice landscapes, beautiful landscapes tho.

    LOTR remains unbothered at the top of the food chain.

    "OMG his voice the EMOTION yaaas Ed I cried at the cinema Ed you're the best British male singer we've ever had" etc etc

    I hate the GP.
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  18. Ray


    Let's unite in our pure and naive hatred of Ed 'Everything I Touch Turns To Shit' Sheeran.
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  19. Why do we even need to mention him here ? He is to Enya what The Hobbit trilogy is to The Lord Of The Rings trilogy
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  20. So, uh... all the material is collected in the next elimination post but formatting will take a lifetime (this applies to all three songs, it's not a hint) so #3 will actually arrive tomorrow afternoon, as tomorrow morning I have to wake up early for a father-son trip in the mountains. The things they do when they find you you're not straight, whew. Y'all can fight in the meantime, I don't know. See you x
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