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TOP 2 | The ENYA Discography rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Verandi, Nov 12, 2019.


What is your favourite Enya album?

  1. Enya / The Celts (1987 / 1991)

  2. Watermark (1988)

  3. Shepherd Moons (1991)

  4. The Memory of Trees (1995)

  5. A Day without Rain (2000)

  6. Amarantine (2005)

  7. And Winter Came... (2008)

  8. Dark Sky Island (2015)

  9. Best Of / Soundtracks / EPs (1984 - 2009)

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  1. In the meantime let's listen to another great song about sailing.

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  2. The mountains? (I know the song isn't about mountains but any excuse to post).

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  3. Ray


    Oh dear. I hope it's not a "we can make a man of you yet" sort of trip, sending thoughts and prayers in all colours of the rainbow.
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  4. Ray


    It could be the day
    When you finally say
    Sail away...
    On and on...
    Sail away…
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  5. Sailorman, you really turn me on
    Now the guys are gone, come let us get it on

    Girls like me are pretty hard to find
    So if you go, I'll kick your Heine
    Sailing, sailing, jumping off the railing
    Drinking, drinking, till the ship is sinking
    Gambling, stealing, lots of sex appealing
    Come, let us sing the sailor song

    Basically, directly inspired by the epic journey of Orinoco Flow AND Caribbean Blue.
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  6. The Gaelic version is superior. It’s a shame it was booted on the album. Good job I bought Shepherd Moons on Day 1.

    Still, I’m hoping for

    3. Book Of Days
    2. Orinoco Flow
    1. Caribbean Blue
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  7. I just know if Caribbean Blue wins, I'll pretend I do not see it
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  8. Ray


    Yessssss. Serving great taste since you picked your username, then participated in the Saint Etienne rate.
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  9. Y'ALL READY?​

  10. So, uh...

    The Top 3

    The way y'all made these poor songs switch around

    Before starting the rate, I was pretty sure that the Top 2 would have been a fight between Orinoco Flow and Caribbean Blue. Maybe put Only Time in there, at a push. The two signature hits and the fan favourite no?

    But then, of course, somebody started to complain. Surprisingly, I was not the one complaining, for a change


    but I'm sure there are more.

    I was like, are you done? And then another rebel rose from the shadows, none other than my 11 twin, a person I trusted


    I hope that at least y'all will finally stop complaining

    But what the fuck, I LOVE DRAMA



    1st from WATERMARK
    Released as the lead single in 1988


    Official artwork | "Sail Away" edition
    Picture from the Watermark photoshoot
    What a picture. Amazing.

    01 Orinoco Flow
    02 Smaoitím... (d'Aodh agus do Mháire Uí Dhúgain)
    03 Out of the Blue


    Official artwork | 10th Anniversary Special Single (Japan exclusive)
    Picture from the Watermark photoshoot
    The least bad scan I found

    01 Orinoco Flow [Edit]
    02 Hope Has a Place
    03 Pax Deorum

    Australia 6
    Austria 8
    Belgium 1
    Canada 4
    Denmark 6
    Europe 1
    France 6
    Germany 2
    Ireland 1
    Netherlands 1
    New Zealand 2
    Norway 5
    Portugal 3
    Sweden 2
    Switzerland 1
    UK 1
    US (Hot 100) 24
    US (Adult Contemporary) 7
    US (Alternative Airplay) 6


    Highest: 10 @Cutlery @DoggySwami @If You Go @pop3blow2 @Ray @smalldivo @Sprockrooster @Angeleyes @Eric Generic @simes1970

    Lowest: 8 @Crisp X │ 8,5 @VeryPSBnext lowest score: 9

    My score: 9,5

    Trajectory: 5 - 4 - 8 - 3 - 2 - 3

    Listen to the song while you read this elimination post!

    Quotes & Liner notes
    With ‘Orinoco’ it was a case of me coming out to the studio to listen, to the pizzicato and while I was listening to it I was looking out the window and I could see my two children skipping, and that’s actually what sparked off the idea for ‘Orinoco’. It’s to do with imagination, it’s a journey of the imagination…

    - Roma Ryan, 1992

    Well, Although it was the last track written for the album “Watermark” it was the first track to be released, and with great success. There was a sense of discovery in the creating of this album, a sense of beginning, a sense of something new and exciting. “Orinoco Flow” reflects the feeling of that time for us – adventure!

    - Roma Ryan, ONLY TIME: THE COLLECTION, 2002

    Orinoco Flow, those, it started from the sound, from the pizzicato sound, and it was Nicky that said “This is great, let’s compose a piece of music with this sound.” So we put down a chord sequence, we built it up with the vocals, the hundreds of vocals sung in free time, and then we came to, the first section we had was the chorus, and it was “Sail away, sail away, sail away…” So the verse happened last. And when Roma was doing the lyrics, she thought the “sail away” was so positive that it would be nice to relate the whole song to someone sailing all over the world. So Nicky said, “That’s a great idea,” but he said the rhythm reminded him of a children’s skipping song, and he said to her, “It would be nice if each port or river or place had a rhythm in it, or else it rhymed.” So hence, the “Or-in-o-co Flow” or “From Bali to Cali, from Peru to Cebu.” Basically, we worked on it as a fun song. (..) Roma made up a few places, like The Island of the Moon, and the Isles of Ebony. That’s her daughter, Ebony. So some of the places were made up, very romantic places.

    - ENYA, 1988

    …it is true that we had it shelved a few times and it was a very difficult song to work on. We would work on it for a while, forget it, go back to it but, again, because we had the time, which is important to point out, we were able at the end to listen to it and say ‘this is good.’ But all the time it was an album track and at the very end it was only decided that this might be good as a single. But even then, as singles go, it’s very different.

    - ENYA, 1992

    One of the big influences is from the producer, Nicky Ryan. His musical influences are from Phil Spector, you can hear "The Wall of Sound" and the Beach Boys, so his intention was to build up a big sound around that melody.

    - ENYA, 1996

    ‘Orinoco Flow’, for example, reminds me especially of Rob Dickins, who was fiercely dedicated to his role in WEA and could have written the definitive book on popular music. Rob was so determined to get things right that he actually went to the record stores to watch the queues of people asking for ‘Sail Away’ when the title of the song was, of course, ‘Orinoco Flow’. Rob immediately sent out instructions to add the bracketed title of Sail Away underneath ‘Orinoco Flow’ on the single cover. Robs knowledge of the business was incredible, his acumen unmatched at the time. Nicky, Roma and I all remember Rob’s tremendous energy and it is without doubt that because of him our efforts were so greatly rewarded.

    Thank you Rob.

    - ENYA, from THE VERY BEST OF ENYA, 2009

    Nicky Ryan sent over what became Orinoco Flow. There was no middle eight, and ‘Sail away’ was after every line – it drove me crazy, but there was something there that could be worked on. Orinoco was the name of the studio and I think they saw me as the captain of the ship. The whole thing was a metaphor for a journey for all of us. (..) It’s one of the things I’m most proud of. Funnily enough, I hadn’t even noticed the lyric until they printed the album. It was embarrassing. But when it went to number 1 I thought, ‘I’m in the lyric of a number 1 song, how fabulous.’ All these years later, if I heard that line ‘Rob Dickins at the wheel’ I can’t help smiling.

    - Rob Dickins, 2009

    Roma's vocaboulary
    Avalon: A legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend, famous for its beautiful apples. It’s the place where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged and where he was taken to recover from his wounds after his last battle at Camlann. The concept of such an “Isle of the Blessed” has parallels in the Irish Tír na nÓg and the Greek Hesperides.
    Babylon: A city-state of ancient Mesopotamia, the remains of which can be found in present-day Al Hillah, Iraq.
    Bali: An island in Indonesia located to the east of Java.
    Bissau: The capital and important port of Guinea-Bissau, located in the western part of Africa.
    Cali: A city in western Columbia on the Cali River.
    Cebu: An island located in the central part of the Philippines.
    Coral Sea: A sea located southwest Pacific Ocean, between Australia, New Guinea, and Vanuatu.
    Fiji: A country consisting of about 320 islands, located in the southwest Pacific Ocean.
    Island of the moon & Isles of Ebony: Places that Roma made up. Ebony is also her daughter’s name.
    Khartoum: The capital of Sudan.
    Orinoco: Orinoco River – One of the largest rivers in South America; Orinoco Studios – studios where Watermark was recorded
    Palau: A group of about 200 islands located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.
    Peru: A country in the western part of South America.
    Rob Dickins: Former chairman of Warner Music UK. He signed Enya for WEA and was also the executive producer of Watermark.
    Ross: Ross Cullum was the engineer and co-producer of Watermark.
    Tiree: An island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides, south west of Coll and west of Mull.
    Tripoli: The capital city and seaport of Libya, situated on the Mediterranean coast.
    Yellow Sea: An sea along the Pacific Ocean between China and the Korean Peninsula.

    Well isn't this a twist girls? How many of you were convinced, deep down, that Orinoco Flow would win? Let's be honest, y'all were ready for an unsurprising winner. AND YET here we are, with Caribbean Blue still resisting and persisting, while Book Of Days quietly killed every other song without y'all even noticing. Shepherd Moons stans won! But then again, who's tasteless enough to not stan for that album? Anyway, back on topic. Orinoco Flow is one of the two songs, the other being On My Way Home, which have a lowest score of 8 (!) but no 11s. I suppose most of you thought it was a too obvious choice? The same thing happened to poor Only Time too.

    I honestly don't really know how to tackle this write-up so let's keep it simple. Orinoco Flow is the song that launched Enya into a career so successful that the numbers still look fake 30+ years later. The last song recorded for Watermark, miss Orinoco was born as a lighter, unassuming, fun song, destined to be hidden in an album without commercial singles. Until good ol' Rob Dickins was like NAH. The song became a surprise hit all around the world in 1988/89, in a decade were 99% of chart music featured lowkey terrible synths & production in general. It's 2020, we're adult enough to admit that.

    A breath of fresh air was suddenly sitting at the top of the charts in the UK, Ireland and... many others. It stayed at the top of the UK Singles Chart for three weeks, while in the United States the song peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1989. And there she was: a young, terribly shy woman, who thought she would teach piano forever, became the most unexpected success story. Enya was there to stay. The song was featured literally everywhere: movies, series, documentaries, memes, articles, compilations... honestly you can just google it and it reads like a CV itself. What's more? Orinoco Flow received two Grammy Award nominations for Best Music Video and Best New Age Performance at the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards, while in 2020 The Guardian ranked "Orinoco Flow" at number 77 in their list of The 100 greatest UK No 1s. The acclaim!

    Orinoco Flow was, of course, subsequently included in every Best Of, video collection, box-set and sampler you can imagine, usually acting as the opening track. It was even used as a B-side on many subsequent lead singles, such as Caribbean Blue, Anywhere Is and Amarantine. The single itself was reprinted a number of times in Japan and, finally, as a quite stunning 12" picture disc included exclusively in the Super Deluxe edition of The Very Best of Enya. It's basically THE song, especially in the eyes of the trio. To this day, Enya considers it her favourite song "because it introduced her to whole world". What a polite angel. Considering how many pop girls throw fan-favourites under the bus as a side job, Enya keeps on doing the opposite. Icon.

    But what about the song itself? The name of the song refers to Orinoco Studios (now Miloco Studios) where it was recorded, but also the Colombo-Venezuelan river, one of the many places listed in the lyrics. The majority of the lyrics to Orinoco Flow, if anybody somehow had yet to notice, are references to various cities, islands, rivers, seas and even imaginary places, thank you Roma. The lyrics also mention Rob Dickins, who was the CEO of Warner Music UK at the time, and Ross Cullum, who was the album’s engineer and co-producer.

    I'm happy that the first time I heard the song was through Paint The Sky With Stars. I had no idea what a single was, or the charts for that matter, so it's always been on par with any other Enya song as far as "impact" went for me. I wasn't even on this Earth when it was released so I wouldn't know if it was inescapable or not. While I do love it, I still find the two subsequent lead singles much superior so I think my score is fair. Oh wait it is, because it matches the average perfectly x

    I think the commentary from the trio and from y'all - especially @Ray tbh, see later - should be enough before I get too boring. So let's jump to the next section shall we?


    Let me sail, let me sail, let the Orinoco flow,
    let me reach, let me beach on the shores of Tripoli,
    let me sail, let me sail, let me crash upon your shore,
    let me reach, let me beach far beyond the Yellow Sea.

    deh-dah-deh-dah-deh deh-dah-deh-dah-deh
    deh-dah-deh-dah-deh deh-dah-deh-dah-deh

    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…

    From Bissau to Pilau – in the shade of Avalon,
    from Fiji to Tiree and the Isles of Ebony,
    from Peru to Cebu, feel the power of Babylon,
    from Bali to Cali – far beneath the Coral Sea.

    deh-dah-deh-dah-deh deh-dah-deh-dah-deh
    deh-dah-deh-dah-deh deh-dah-deh-dah-deh

    turn it up turn it up turn it up – bye, adieu
    turn it up turn it up turn it up – bye, adieu
    turn it up turn it up turn it up – bye, adieu

    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…

    From the North to the South, Ebudae unto Khartoum,
    from the deep Sea of Clouds to the Island of the Moon,
    carry me on the waves to the land I’ve never been,
    carry me on the waves to the lands I’ve never seen.

    we can sail, we can sail with the Orinoco flow,
    we can sail, we can sail, sail away, sail away, sail away…

    we can steer, we can near with Rob Dickins at the wheel,
    we can sigh, say Goodbye Ross and his dependency.
    we can sail, we can sail, sail away, sail away, sail away…

    we can reach, we can beach on the shores of Tripoli,
    we can sail, we can sail, sail away, sail away, sail away…

    from Bali to Cali, far beneath the coral sea
    we can sail, we can sail, sail away, sail away, sail away…

    from Bissau to Pilau, in the shade of Avalon
    we can sail, we can sail, sail away, sail away, sail away…

    we can reach, we can beach for beyond the Yellow Sea
    we can sail, we can sail, sail away, sail away, sail away…

    from Peru to Cebu, feel the power of Babylon,
    we can sail, we can sail, sail away, sail away, sail away…
    we can sail, we can sail, sail away, sail away, sail away…

    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…
    sail away, sail away, sail away…


    @Crisp X 8 A curveball? There’s a quirkiness in the chords and the hook is so catchy. I’m not a fan of the quieter part yet. I can’t help but start believing Marina Diamandis got her vocal tics from this.
    I'm pretty sure Marina said during the Family Jewels days that she loved Enya. Let me go find proof tho.

    @Iggypig 9 Such a joyous song, it must have seemed really refreshing to audiences in 1988. I do wonder how many people thought she’d be a one-hit wonder.
    Answer: everybody. But selena_look_at_her_now.mp3

    @mrp2910 9 All the elements of an Enya classic. However I am saving my 10s (and 11) for the ones that really help me to ascend.

    @Cutlery 10 How did such an effervescent, upbeat single make its way into the album? Why does it fit in Watermark nonetheless despite the odd placement in the tracklist?
    Many lead singles at the time were either opening Side A or Side B of the vinyl, so as Watermark was the intro to Side A, Orinoco Flow became track #7, opening Side B. I feel like a comeback coroner now tbh.

    @DoggySwami 10 I could give Orinoco Flow a 10/10 on impact alone, both for her career and pop culture status, but it’s also a magical production with such a perfect coordination between instrumental and vocals that makes you feel alive, positive and full of energy.
    But wow what a moment.

    @If You Go 10 I hope Enya will forgive me for once thinking the Celtic Woman version was better for a hot minute, I was young! Anyway it’s perfect nothing more to say!
    We pretend we do not see it.

    @pop3blow2 10 As I get older I’m generally a bit ‘meh’ of songs that just rattle of a list of places. I’m like, ‘ok, thanks for that Google map search as lyrics.’. Once upon I was less jaded though, and there was Enya’s siren call of ‘sail away’. Oh, & love the little tagged coda of last note…. she did that so much, she basically trademarked it.

    @smalldivo 10 What can I say? This is such an incredible, iconic worldwide hit, everybody knows it. Used to death in commercials and got overplayed WAY too much. Anyway I still adore it. It's just a rush of energy, with a bright, happy foundation - still one of my absolute faves from her.
    She did that!

    @Sprockrooster 10 An absolute anthem. I can't help but chant along with full dedication. In my early music years my taste was mainly male dominated, but Enya remained unbothered. It wasn't until the Lord of the Rings I would consider myself a fan. If only I had the sense to check her out sooner. I missed basically 10 years.
    Girl me too the fuck.gif

    @Ray 10
    Ok y'all please see the following post dd

    Official video


    For Orinoco the video came from the cover of the album, Watermark, and basically it’s a picture of me but there are layers and layers of imagery that were hand painted on to the cover. And what we wanted… we were so happy with this cover… what we wanted was an extended version of this for the video that was of me but there was this beautiful imagery revolving around me and this is what we achieved with the video. And, I’m quite happy with this…

    - ENYA, 1992

    I worked with a director named Michael Georgehan, and I spent just one day with him, believe it or not, and I was shot with just the blue backdrop, and then he went and spent five weeks with four artists, where they hand-painted a lot of the imagery with me, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the end-product.

    - ENYA, 1988


    This one still breaks my heart a bit. I discovered this performance after joining PJ (a pink hell, literally) and I've since known no peace. She doesn't sound terrible terrible, but it's not good either. I searched for info and the only thing I found is that, allegedly, the performance was planned to be lio-synced but the audio intern didn't get the memo. We'll never really know. It's quite sad when you think that, maybe, this was one of the reasons she avoided live vocals until 2000. Y'all have seen the May It Be performance, she can sing, don't make me become a feral stan.

    This one was a better, but that's because her live vocals are really buried in the mix. Sorry mama, I still love you.



    Next up: OH THERE'S A FOLLOW-UP​
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    More "Live"

    Bonus extra Top of the Pops performance with trivia! Everybody loves trivia!


    Hot Press
    "Exquisite liqueous pop, it should be a hit single. The lyrics in such types of music can be the weak point, but Roma's lyrics are integral and are ideally sculpted to allow Enya's voice to float between the gaps and pauses."

    The Washington Post
    "Quasi-mystical pop, somewhere outside of the pop mainstream but steering clear of the sugary shoals of New Age. Orinoco Flow is lushly romantic"

    "Orinoco Flow itself, for all its implicit dramatics, gently charges instead of piling things on."​

    Ray's review
    I’ve been wanting to write an essay about “Orinoco Flow” for ages and now I have a great excuse to finally do it! Grab good headphones, a music-appreciation-enhancer [A JOINT, HE MEANS A JOINT – Ed.] if you are so inclined and do not have to fear legal repercussions, and listen, but really listen to it. Why do I say this? Because I am yet to meet someone who doesn't just roll their eyes and go "ah, THAT". Instead of just hearing it, listen. This is a groundbreaking song. It’s an extremely unlikely track to become this sonic wallpaper fodder for a zillion compilations – it’s a genre-defining song, where the genre consists only of “Orinoco Flow” – not even Enya managed to repeat it.

    Let’s start with its structure. This song either has two choruses, or half, or none at all. If we define "chorus" as "a repetitive bit that follows the verses", then either the chorus is the “da da, da, da da” bit, or the verses have two parts, each with different melody, and the chorus (“Sail away, sail away”) doesn’t appear after the second verse at all, because the bridge comes in first. The part starting at 2:50 destroys any delusions that this song has traditional pop structure to it. What even is this part? Is it a verse with the chorus playing at the same time? The other way round? Is it very long coda? Is the “we can sail, we can sail/sail away, sail away” part verse? Chorus? Mini-chorus inserted among mini-verses?

    Have you ever really noticed how dynamic her vocals are in this song and how uptempo this bop actually is? The song has a gentle bassline, but once the timpanis enter they proceed to serve both as bass and drums (plus the extra "pssfft" after “crash upon your shore”, which I suppose is the sound of Enya crashing upon your shore). *Exactly* halfway through the song (!) the bridge ends and the dynamics go wild. I’ve never understood why they haven’t tried to reproduce the sheer power of this song, especially since it was such a massive hit – at 0:58 she probably produces the strongest vocals in her career. Maybe it's actually difficult for her to sing like this? wemayneverknow.gif

    The metrum of this is, technically, 8/8 (or 16/16), but if you listen, the accents in any regular pop song are 1/8, then 5/8 for the kick/bass drum and 3/8, then 7/8 for the snare. Here, starting at 0:40, it’s 1/8, 4/8 for the bassdrum, 3/8, then 6/8 for the pizzicato that serves as snare… and then two beats that aren’t beats, but rather breaks between beats, meaning that the metrum is actually alternating between 6/8 and breaks throughout! Do you know what's got this structure? The All Seeing I (or Britney Spears) version of "The Beat Goes On". And nothing else I can think of.

    On we go to the vocal mixing/recording, which demands good headphones or, ideally, studio monitors. The first "Let me sail, let me sail, let the Orinoco flow” is mixed in the middle. It is then followed by call-response structure panned gently to the left and right, which is another wonderful way to create the association with sailing. This is repeated in the final verse-if-it’s-a-verse – “From the North to the South, Ebudae into Khartoum” is panned in the middle, the following lines are call-response. Once “Sail away, sail away” is added, it is panned in the middle. That whole second part is hypnotic in its repetition, giving me what I suppose is a very unrealistic idea of what sailing actually feels like, as if this song took a child’s idea of sailing and reproduced it in audible form.

    THIS IS STILL NOT ALL. This production is as brave as “When Doves Cry” and “Single Ladies” (which, coincidentally, also became massive hits when released and now are staples on Classic Gold Hits FM). Those sampled pizzicatos, arpeggios, and timpanis forming the rhythm section, Enya’s harmonies as the only real melodic instrument – it’s not exactly a typical 1988 synthpop hit. Those harmonies contrast beautifully with the multi-octave “sail away” being almost shouted into the microphone and mixed louder as the ending of the song is nearing, only to leave us with the actual coda – the gentler harmonies that feature a chord change in the final seconds and… listen on headphones, really… at 4:22 the vocal is gated and it does NOT fade out, it's cold cut. What you think is fade out is reverb we've been swimming in.

    I’ve known this song since it’s been released thirty-one years ago and it wasn’t until a month or two ago that I really gave it a good listen. I feel that there are few people who can truly listen to this weird-ass record without just sort of letting it float by because of its ubiquity. This is, honestly, “Wuthering Heights” level of musical innovation and it pains me that I have to add that I am not being ironic.

    Why is it not my 11, then? Because as genius as this song is, she’s got an even better one. If I could, though, I would score this 10.999999.​


    Next up: it's a Shepherd Moons Top 2! Who would have thought?
    God I'm exhausted.​
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  12. Well Book of Days would've been my 11 if The River Sings didn't exist, so I hope she pulls through!
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  13. Ray


    PLOT TWIST MUCH?!?!?!?!

    I can't believe nobody gave 'Orinoco' their 11. We all assumed it would win, I guess? Now 'Book of Days' is going to win, because the sheer weight of

    …has to tank one of the most beautiful musical pieces of all time.
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  14. I haven’t been this excited for a final two in a rate in awhile.... mainly because I can’t believe it’s these two songs and one is my 11 (which I really thought had no chance of going this far)!!

    Like @Ray said

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  15. Ray


    How many 11s total are there left? Have I missed that?

    Also @Verandi did 'Orinoco' never get to #1?! #2 peak? What kind of reverse worldwide charts experience?
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  16. I thought Orinoco Flow was the certain winner here, so this is a total surprise for me. The song that started it all doesn't quite reach the summit, but I am sure we have a worthy winner
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  17. Ray


    I expected it to go to #2 because we'd all assume it was a certain winner, 'Caribbean Blue' to be #1 (sksksksksprocksk), and 'Book of Days' to be #21.

    Or 'Book of Days', bless her heart.
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  18. The way y'all gave me all the ingredients for a perfectly dramatic top 3 tho.


    And the best part? I basically told you all that Orinoco would not win the second that The Humming was unveiled. How? well...
    On the write-up for the Top 10, I said:
    So this means that, once Anywhere Is got its 11s and On My Way Home got 8 as the lowest score (and 10 as the highest), we arrived at a Top 5 and we knew that there was another track left which only had scores spread between 8 and 10. At this point it was already pretty clear which 11s @Ray and @pop3blow2 chose. This left us with the possibily of the "8 to 10" track to either be Orinoco Flow, Only Time and The Humming. Once the latter two tracks got eliminated, it was clear that Orinoco Flow was the track without 11s and thus would either reach #2 or #3. Thankfully it reached #3, otherwise you would all know the winner right now.

    Math, it turns me on a bit.

    5! See the Top 3 write-up!
    This is a bit more complicated. To make the "trajectory" stats, I divided the voters by groups of three. Going by those groups, Orinoco Flow never reached the top spot. I might check how the Top 5 changed voter by voter after the rate is done though!
  19. Well Book of Days is a fantastic representation in the winners rate for her as I can see non-diehard fans rally behind it. It is quintessential Enya but also easy on the ears and the changes in pace really keep the song flowing whereas Caribbean Blue becomes a drag.
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