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TOP 2 | The ENYA Discography rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Verandi, Nov 12, 2019.


What is your favourite Enya album?

  1. Enya / The Celts (1987 / 1991)

  2. Watermark (1988)

  3. Shepherd Moons (1991)

  4. The Memory of Trees (1995)

  5. A Day without Rain (2000)

  6. Amarantine (2005)

  7. And Winter Came... (2008)

  8. Dark Sky Island (2015)

  9. Best Of / Soundtracks / EPs (1984 - 2009)

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  1. If you think I'm not keeping on your toes till the end you're wrong. Why? Well...
    This means that either Caribbean Blue or Book of Days never touched the top spot. Sure, your score might have had the result you wanted...

    ... but you were the 8th voter out of 18.


    And the best part?

    This only applied if either Caribbean Blue or Book of Days went at #3, as I said in the previous post. Can we call it half-truth? Or maybe a half-lie.


    Also both songs got a 10 from me because I possess what? Taste.
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  2. Ray


    Don't I have a 10.5 average left?

    Yes, but how do you REALLY feel about it?
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  3. You legend!

    I'm very happy with a 'Caribbean Book' top 2. I hope to see Caribbean Blue at the top because it goes to perfection and beyond, but still, very good result.
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  4. Always because of the magic of the night math, the five voters who had a 10,333 average for their Top3, now have a 10,5 average for their Top2.


    Oh and I forgot but... yes Caribbean Blue *might* have a lowest score of 6, but I never said which lowest score Book of Days got, but now you all know it's lower than 8.


    This Top2 pleases me very much, also because Caribbean Blue and Book of Days were the last songs left from Shepherd Moons even before the Top 20, while Watermark had five songs left at that point, the most of any album. So Shepherd Moons silently killing every other album of the rate was a boss bitch move. I do love the better twin. The killer is always the quiet one.
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  5. My mouth dropped!! Also I want to reiterate I was stanning Celtic Woman when I was 14 I am much smarter and have better taste now particularly about Caribbean Blue!
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Ray


    Just wanted to say I love this GIF so much.I wonder what exactly she was thinking. "My friend Carole Baskin knows what to do with people like you" is my guess.

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  8. My guess is:

    Some heaumeaus are going through my backcatalogue and rank them. Caribbean Blue might win this. Heaumeaus were a mistake.

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    - Songs -

    6,000 mark
    96 RIVER
    7,000 mark

    40 EVENING FALLS... (11 x1)
    38 EXILE / AS BAILE (11 x1)

    8,000 mark

    20 CURSUM PERFICIO (11 x1)

    9,000 mark

    - Voters -

    @Crisp X 9,357
    @simes1970 9,071
    @Eric Generic 8,821

    @mrp2910 6,643
    @3Xs 7,107
    @burntoutcar 7,196

    - Stats -

    Songs with perfect scores : 12/14
    Total 10s given : 45
    Total 11s given : 3
    Total 0s given : 0
    Album average (with B-sides): 7,856
    Album average (standard): 7,916

    Whew those averages! Y'all came to stan! Watermark during this rate surely got the most unexpected 11s, for Evening Falls, Exile and Cursum Perficio, while Orinoco Flow and both Storms In Africa were left with none. This ties the album with The Memory of Trees for most 11-awarded songs, with three. I still think the ballads are weaker than on the two following albums but, as a whole, Watermark was a little revolution and you all scored accordingly.

    - Artworks -
    If it wasn't for The Very Best of Enya booklet, I wouldn't have got enough pictures for all the songs because before 2009 all we had were the official artworks and the coloured portraits I used for The Longships and Cursum Perficio, which by the way are still some of her very best. There were a couple of black and white pictures in the Watermark booklet but the total pixels for those were like... ten. I think the photoshoots for this era are still the most striking of her career; the label still hadn't settled on the sorceress image so what we got instead were these stark, dramatic portraits of this mysterious woman on the cold Irish shores. The Orinoco Flow cover is still so striking, and I'm personally obsessed with the portrait I used for Cursum Perficio.

    Edit: oh I forgot to say that Watermark was the only album were all the texts were hand-lettered so I had to use the original scans. Beautiful result, but boy oh boy that was really a pain.


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  10. Ray


    I adore them so much. 'Na Laetha...' and 'Morning Glory'. Dayum. Magic, she knows it.
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  11. I think her image in this early era is really honest, compared to the perfect middle-class hostess we get now.
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  12. Okay but this is one of my favorite posts on this pink hell hole. The music nerdery of it all! I can't wait to revisit the song with these details in mind, giving me a newfound appreciation of it. Especially now that I've got quite a solid pair of headphones since the rate started 84 years ago.
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  13. @Ray sending me his ballot and putting me and my (lack of) vocabulary to shame



    I think that the photoshoots for Watermark, Shepeherd Moons and The Memory of Trees were pretty much spot-on, with the latter two taking inspiration from actual painters etc. The Celts photoshoot was necessarily a bit on the nose, while ADWR had a fresh 'n' clean 'n' minimal approach. The truly posh imagery started with Only Time - The Collection which, fair, needed to be quite neutral to encompass the various eras, but I just know that from that point Enya and the label must have thought "wait, why do we need to spend days and money on building a set when we can just rent a random palace and a few designer clothes?"

    The following photoshoots were all different shades of basic and uninspired and I agree with you on those. The strange exception was the Amarantine CD single which inexplicably looked like a follow up to Shepherd Moons.


    Will this ever stop being the best piece of recorded music known to man?


    You clearly forgot what Miss Car gave her 0 to.


    I think he started to abandon that plan when as a kid I chose figure skating over football sksksk. The trip was ok, we went mountain biking and I'm still a bit sore. The "progressive" world just scares him a lot nn
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  14. The ENYA Discography rate


    Pictures from the Shepherd Moons photoshoot
    Scanned from the Shepherd Moons, Caribbean Blue and Book of Days booklets
    Hand lettering from the Caribbean Blue and Book of Days booklets


    It's a Shepherd Moons final!
    I guess we found our two moons in the end!

    Caribbean Blue

    Book of Days
    [Gaelic Version / English Version]



    Caribbean Blue peaked in the Top 10 in Ireland and Top 20 in the UK
    Book of Days peaked in the Top 10 in the UK and Top 20 in Ireland

    Both songs were featured in every Enya collection
    Book of Days though was excluded from the deluxe edition of The Very Best of Enya


    Total 10s : 20
    Total 11s : 5
    Voters with 2 perfect scores left : 9
    Voters with 0 perfect scores left : 2

    Caribbean Blue and Book of Days are the only songs of this rate to never leave the Top 5 during the voting period

    The two songs switched order once

    Only one of them has ever touched the #1 spot

    And finally, the difference in cumulative points between the two tracks is 3, giving us the biggest average gap in the whole Top 100. Essentially, the crown was won by a landslide​


    will be revealed

    on the evening / night lord give me strength of
    TUESDAY, the 4th of August 2020

    But now please tell me...

    Do you wanna know #1 or #2 first?


  15. #1
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  16. I can't wait for the reveal and I didn't even participate in the rate!
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  17. #2 first please.
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  18. 20200803_090537.jpg
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  19. #2 first Verandi, please.
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  20. Yeah I’d say #2 first please, makes more sense.
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