Greetings dear trainees, idols, haters, friends, enemies. I present you the already so famous Popjustice phenomen, Top Answer Game. Kinda the reverse Wonder Girls debuting in USA tea, we're debuting something from outside the borders of our sub-forum, to the lovely citizen that spend their free hours in this part of the pink hole.

More about the game: Top Answer Game is a forum game in which the host(me) will post 10 questions in each of it's 10 rounds, your goal as participants is to not send me the correct answer or the answer you think answers the question the best, BUT what you think will be the most popular answer, what others will pick as well. If you get a popular answer you're doing well, if you're getting correct answers but you're the only one answering it...well you're tanking harder than CLC.

The Rules:
1. Send your answers in a Private Message to me. (try adding as little as possible with your answers).
2. No change of heart. Once you send your answers in a PM to me, those are the final answers. So before sending, better think about it TWICE
3. Obviously I can't control this but try not to do Sajaegi like our dear MOMOLAND. Don't create groups and try to earn as much popular answers as possible by groupthink, fairness is the key to a more fun game for everyone.
4. There will be no extensions unlike in Charts/Rates, because the part of the game is to get your answers in before the deadline
5. Obviously all of the questions are Korean Pop (KPOP) related. So when I ask 'Name A Girl Group that has members who are fluent in English', think BLACKPINK not Little Mix.
6. Stream Summer Dream by Elris on Youtube.
7. If you're still unsure how this works, I'll link you the previous editions (Season 3 | Season 5)
8. Don't in any way spoil your choice before the round is closed, any hints will be PUNISHED.

Let's go....
ROUND 1 - Girl Group Eleganza Extravaganza

1. Name a Girl Group that is big in South Korea but not so popular on Popjustice.
2. Name a Girl Group with a lot of scandals.
3. Name a main dancer from a 6 member Girl Group other than GFriend.
4. Name a Girl Group member who's not from South Korea nor Japan.
5. Name a Girl Group that is known for their summer hits.
6. Name a Girl Group that has 7 members.
7. Name a Girl Group that is still active but one of it's original members has quit the group.
8. Name a Girl Group that consistently flops.
9. Name a Girl Group member who is more famous than her group.
10.Name a one hit wonder Girl Group.

Round 1 closes Thursday, July 12th at 3PM GMT
(we can discuss different time from 2nd round on)​
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So far, we've already gotten:

1. BoA smarmy smile at awards gif
1a. With Qri drinking awkwardly
2. Anyone in GFriend with a gun
3. Sana confused by calculus
4. Someone drinking something through a straw
5. Anything with Jennie
6. American popstar photoshopped into KPop stan

This thread is already laden with hardworking KPJ memes and still on page one!

Where's Gretchen?

Oh and...