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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Overall Leaderboard - Round 3

    1. Slice Of Life 418 [+2] *RE-PEAK*
    2. Dangerous Maknae 408 [+2] *NEW PEAK*

    3. Salami 391 [+3] *NEW PEAK*
    4. codecat 389 [-2]
    5. Kuhleezi 378 [+2] *NEW PEAK*
    6. Squashua 377 [-5]
    7. PopZeitgeist 374 [-3]
    8. Artemisia 368 [+3] *NEW PEAK*
    9. Vixen 367 [-2]
    10. Twinkle 366 [-]
    10. SloMover 366 [+3] *NEW PEAK*

    12. sweetlikegrande 365 [-]
    13. ThighHighs 345 [+1] *NEW PEAK*
    14. He 342 [+5] *RE-PEAK*
    15. BEST FICTION 341 [-]
    16. Oleander 339 [-7]
    17. GeiPanda 327 [-]
    18. HappyBirthday 315 [-]
    19. junglefish 294 [+2] *RE-PEAK*
    20. RUNAWAY 281 [-]
    21. Big Bang 279 [+1] *NEW PEAK*
    22. Cotton Park 265 [+1] *NEW PEAK*
    23. Empty Shoebox 255 [+1] *NEW PEAK*
    24. eliminathan 232 [-8]
    25. Gintoki 219 [-]
    26. Sanctuary 179 [+3] *NEW PEAK*
    27. Island 99 [-1]
    27. Mikl C 99 [-1]
    29. ohnostalgia 97 [-1]

  2. How many rounds are there in total? I am too afraid to loose my Top10 ranking ...
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  3. I'm a mess for missing deadline but also if I made it I only would have gotten 2 and 8 correct.
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  4. I’m about to be kicked out of the top 10, damn.
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  5. At this rate I’m never going to even make the top 10.
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  6. 10

  7. Well, well, well.

  8. I thought this was finishing me off but look at the 3rd place.

    And who the fuck had f(x) down as the group that SHOULD be disbanding this year? It’s likely but let’s not wish for it.
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  9. Well this time it wasn't me, I swear! I voted for Suju.
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  10. In the end the only answer I regret changing last minute was ‘Ddu-du x2’ for ‘I’m so sick’ — you all hyped that one so much more than Blackpink’s single.

    I feel played.
  11. Honestly what the fuck is Love Scenario?
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  12. Male mediocrity xoxo
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  13. 2018 screwing me over after so much early promise? The triggering accuracy to all areas of life right now is just too much.
  14. [​IMG]

    ROUND 4 - I Only Do It When I'm Solo

    1. Jessi changed the rap game with Gucci, name another solo rapper.
    2. Name an album by BoA that was released before 2006.
    3. Name an idol that has more than 3 solo songs, but is NOT the most popular member in their group.
    4. Name a male artist that has left his group to pursue a solo career.
    5. Seungri has just released a solo album, name another groups maknae that has released an album.
    6. Name an artist that was featured on one of G-Dragon's songs
    7. If BoA was Beyoncé, IU was Adele, who would be the Lady Gaga of Korea?
    8. All members of LOONA debuted with solo songs before the official groups debut, name a member whose solo song made you think that maybe she shouldn't be a member of the group.
    9. Name a soloist that has recently released dissapointing material and has ability and talent to do much better.
    10. There's speculation that Jessica was kicked out of SNSD and forced to become a soloist. Name a member of TWICE that could suffer the same fate.​

    Round 4 closes Tuesday, July 24th at 3PM GMT
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  15. Well, we love an easy question!
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  16. What the fuck are these questions?!?
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  17. Dddddddd I hate you so, so much.
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  18. Well, I did better than I thought and didn't fall as far down the leaderboard as I feared so I'll consider this a win ddd. The fact that I missed two of the easiest questions is a damn mess, though. No more late night ballot making for me I guess. Here's to next round going better.

    Or maybe not.

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