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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Jul 8, 2018.

  1. @Salami

  2. @Slice of Life when she gives me the crown


    Also @Slice of Life in my inbox :

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  3. (sis take the s out of https when you link a gif from imgur so we can see your gifs)
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  4. He


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  6. Oh her???

  7. Will I sneak TWICE into every category? Yes I absolutely will. Oh. But there's a TWIST this round. Those who get a top answer get double the points. For example 1) Name a member of TTS and results end up Taeyeon - 10, Tiffany - 3, Seohyun - 1. Those who answered Taeyeon will get 20 points instead of 10. So you need to be extra careful not to make a mistake this time.


    DOUBLE POINT ROUND 5 - Music Videos

    1. Name a movie AOA references in their 'Get Out' music video, other than Kill Bill.
    2. Name something red from Hyuna's 'Red' music video.
    3. Name a music video where a member or all members of the group attempt a murder.
    4. Name one country MOMOLAND 'visited' in their 'BAAM' music video.
    5. Name a member of CLC that wears a dress of any colour in their 'Black Dress' Music Video.
    6. Name one stuffed animal that appears in GFriend's 'Fingertip' music video.
    7. Name a superpower one of TWICE members have in their 'Signal' music video.
    8. Name a music video where members of the group play Sports.
    9. Name a fruit that was in Red Velvet's 'Red Flavor' music video.
    10. Go Away by 2NE1 was obviously centered around CL. Name another music video by a girl group that shamelessly focuses on one member only.​

    Round 4 closes Saturday, July 28th at 3PM GMT
  8. In my defence hers is the only name I know as she’s the only one who put a decent song out.

  9. [​IMG]
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    Bollocks. Well, no points for that answer.
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. He


    Ban this!!
  13. I can’t believe @Serg. is making us relive Signal when we all tried so hard to forget it exists.
  14. I guessed that one. Expecting no points for it.
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  15. Submitted! I feel more confident about this round than the last one.

    Watch me finish dead last.
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  16. So who else but me voted for that one? I wanna know who knows and respects their Korean icons xoxo
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  17. There's one (for a song that I've learned to love) that only features the group's leader in the entire video. I would pick it, but nobody else would. So fuck it.

    (Though, I thought I would be the only one that named Jay Park... so...)
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  18. I voted for Hyuna because I think that's way more appropriate, but in my heart I knew y'all would pick Sunmi (which isn't - or it is - is it?). So. I am basically doomed in this game because I can't stop myself from thinking like that. Doomage.

    DDu Du me DDu Du me.


    DDoom DDoom.
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  19. The way I missed some simple top answers because my brain failed to come up with some obvious choices....I have to laugh.

    Ailee was me, unfortunately. I couldn't think of someone who matched Gaga's reckless artistic abandon so I started thinking about powerful voices and Ailee was the first one who came to mind. At that point, I was just ready to go with the first answer that came to mind even though I knew it would tank ddd.
  20. I voted Momo for that Gaga question because I honestly couldn’t be bothered to think of a proper answer.
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