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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Serg., Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Exactly 2 days left.
    It takes couple of minutes to send, so I really hope you will join us!

    @Big Bang


    some of you already acknowledged the thread but I'll tag you anyways hehe x​
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  3. Remember folks, your answers don't have to be correct, they just have to match other people's.
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  4. After 10 voters... I can confirm one other question beats those 2 for the messiness

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  5. I'm not sure I want to expose how little of KPop I really know...
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  6. Taeyang when I tell him i've joined another top answer game:

    Taeyang laughing at the idea of anyone being able to beat me at this:

    Taeyang when he finds out round 1 is based on girl groups and i have no chance whatsover:
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  7. Getting stuck on some of these questions because of technicalities

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  8. Time to grab that last place standing!
  9. My first thought was, "Define 'six members'."
  10. When you don’t get a tag
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  11. Awww I'll help you with the 5th question to make it up to you! x
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  12. I submitted a few days ago and after thinking about it... I have my doubts. But lets now forget this one time i did well in the first round (before crashing and burning).
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  13. Honestly I'm so glad we're letting @Slice of Life to play with us this time.
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  14. I'm also glad y'all can't kill me on this game dddddddd.
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  15. I feel like my performance is just going to get worse and worse as the game goes on due to not being as knowledgeable as everyone else dddd. Then again, anything can happen in this game. Case in point: When I came in first in the alcohol-themed round of the last edition of the main forum version of the game that I took part in despite the fact that I don't drink.

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  16. Furthermore, look at those known alcoholics at the bottom of the leaderboard.
  17. Just wait for round 2.
  18. Work got cancelled thanks to a level 4 typhoon so i'm here.
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  19. My answers are in and I'm ready to fall flat on my face and flop.

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  20. fank u
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