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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. 39 years ago this week - both "Temptation" and "(Keep feeling) Fascination" were in the UK Top Ten....May 1983 was a great month!
  2. That’s what I thought, how odd....
  3. The other night I dreamed I travelled back in time to 1983. That was a good dream.
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  4. Were the non-H17 keyboard players from Brothers In Rhythm?
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  5. I was wondering that. Have no idea who or what BIR were, beyond a name.
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  7. Oh, Such A Good Feeling...I have that somewhere. Forgot they put singles out under their own name.
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  9. That might go over the head of most people Ronaldhino's free kick did to Seaman in 2002!
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  10. Boom boom, yes I guess it could have been them. Somewhat bizarre as I would assume Martyn Ware would have been there.
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  11. Yeah it was definitely them.
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  12. It certainly was! I was born that month!
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  13. Which songs do you like from the chart when you were born? Were you a "True" baby?
  14. So, after 5 years 1987-1992, that's officially the end of Kylie and the Hit Factory. And still now just only a mere quarter of her music career too!
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  15. Just me who prefers the Brothers In Rhythm remix of Temptation to the original then? Carol Kenyon's live vocal was very impressive.

    BIR were such a brilliant remix outfit as well as having their own 90s club classics. We have Steve Anderson to thank too for sprinkling his magic over the likes of Kylie and Steps live tour arrangements these days.
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  16. I love Temptation-both the original and the remix. A classic for both decades.
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  17. I'm a big fan of the Temptation remix and the forthcoming '93 remixes of older songs such as Sister Sledge and Gloria Gaynor. It brought these classic songs into "my" era. Yes, they sound dated now but I still love them.
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  18. I hadn't noticed before just how much that Cathy Dennis song sounds like Amy Grant's Baby Baby in parts.
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  19. Nope, I prefer the BIR remix too, I don't usually like 80's classics to be remixed but this just added
    a bit more to it.
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  20. I loved the BIR 12" of Temptation with the big build up. I saw H17 perform the Luxury gap a few years back and at the end they said 'oh we normally fo Temptation at the end but we've done it already' so they performed the BIR 12" mix and it was incredible.
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