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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

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  2. Guess they don't wanna rush through them just yet given all the skipped 1992 shows.
  3. The Story Of 1998 and 1998 Biggest Hits are confirmed for Saturday 21 May. Celine Dion at the BBC is on before.

    The Story of 1998

    As the nation’s favourite weekly music show moves towards the end of the 90s, pop has a resurgence after Britpop’s peak, and girl groups are still taking centre stage.

    Step forward two quartets with sisters and friends at their hearts: All Saints, with their cool grooves and cargo pants, and Irish four-piece B*Witched, who in 1998 became the youngest girl group to have a number one with C’est La Vie. Robbie Williams continues his solo rise to fame, and the Euro factor took a cool turn with French duo Air creating a new 90s sound with their chilled laidback electronica. It was also a big year for sport, with a World Cup dominating the summer, a football anthem or two hitting the charts and a certain Vindaloo causing chaos in the Top of the Pops studio.

    Contributors include All Saints, Edele Lynch and Lindsay Armaou of B*Witched, Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel of Air, Keith Allen, Trevor Nelson, Guy Chambers and Justin Currie of Del Amitri.

    1998 Biggest Hits

    A look back at some of the biggest hits of 1998, courtesy of the extensive Top of the Pops back catalogue.

    Film soundtracks dominated the charts with Céline Dion’s My Heart Will Go On breaking records and hearts, and Aerosmith’s power ballad I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing gaining the band their first and only US top hit. Debut artists stunned the charts with Usher, Billie Piper, B*Witched, The Corrs, Cleopatra, and Leann Rimes all earning their first performances on the Top of the Pops stages. Robbie Williams proved he would always entertain us, and Cher’s auto-tune iconic Believe soon became the best-selling single of all time by a female artist, performed live here in Elstree. Add in a bittersweet ballad from Green Day, an unofficial football anthem from Fat Les and many more.

    Featuring Robbie Williams, Mousse T. v Hot 'n' Juicy, Catatonia, Jay-Z, B*Witched, Cher, Five, Steps, Fat Les, Aerosmith, The Corrs, Cleopatra, Savage Garden, Leann Rimes, The Mavericks, Celine Dion, Cornershop, Green Day, The Cardigans, Usher, Eagle-Eye Cherry, and Pras Michel.
  4. Yay for All Saints and B*Witched. Air though? Seriously?
  5. ...But Seriously..I love Air! - "Moon Safari" is one of my favourite albums of 1998:
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  6. They were on once!
  7. Dancing queen was re-released in 1992 as well 'young
    All I need is all I need!
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  8. Moon Safari is a classic 98 album but if they were only on TOTP once it’s a bit odd to include them.
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  10. Yes, it's supposed to be the story of the year in TOTP and the singles chart, not a selection of the show producer's favourite artists.
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  11. 1998 looks a lot more poptastic than it has been for a long time!
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  12. Indeed, much more me that descrption!!! Bring it!
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  13. If this is the year that they released "Don't come home too soon" and the Scottish team promptly crashed out of international competition, then they deserve their spot for services to irony.
  14. Tonight’s episodes:

    Take That - Gary Barlow must have hated this one. He didn’t write it, didn’t sing lead but had to dance. Whilst it was obvious he’s not a dancer, he made quite a good effort.

    Madonna - I read somewhere that she was playing a trans woman in this, is that correct? Was she trying to look like the androgynous Ziggy Stardust by shaving her eyebrows off?

    Boney M - just Liz Mitchell and three complete nobodies. She was singing live but most of the vocals came courtesy of the original recordings (but Marcia Barrett apparently not invited back for this).

    Dina Carroll - yet another 1990s act that should have had a much longer career (cf. Betty Boo, Cathy Dennis). 1993 would certainly be her year though.
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  15. i thought she was meant to be Edie Sedgwick? (I love Edie)
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  16. Could It Be Magic, another Take That cover they would make their own. A great and very 90s opener to the show, lots of choreography going on too. Of course, 1993 would be an much bigger year for the boys...
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  17. I remember buying Could It Be Magic on 7" cause it was that good and I couldn't wait for the NOW that inevitably would include it.
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  18. Didn't it emerge that Robbie is the only member of TT on Could it be magic? The background vocals were recorded by the producer with other singers.
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  19. My daughter kept moaning during Deeper and Deeper about how it was rubbish. Heresy. Apart from ruining my Friday night mood, I seriously wondered if she was my child.
  20. She just couldn't get into the groove?
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